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'New technological threats' - I was wondering.
Ah found it, well that's rational... NOT ! WTF !
You hack my roadside signs or electrical grid and rather than take them off network we'll ?? nuclear bomb you ??

But Johnson's government surprised many by declaring it would also increase its arsenal of nuclear warheads, not only to deter traditional threats but also to confront biological, chemical and perhaps even cyber assaults.


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The British nuclear arsenal is largely superfluous, and the small number of systems that you tout means nothing given that the use of even one of them can and will trigger a global thermonuclear war.

As to not producing any fissiles, that is much of the world other than India, Pakistan and North Korea, obviously. NPT reduction targets mean that signatories like Britain don't need to make expensive weapons fuel when they can just repurpose what they have. And that is what I wrote earlier and you ridiculed it ... their plan is DIVVY up the fuel they have and expand the number of weapons with their existing fuel. You do not seem to understand that this goes against the NPT, because more weapons with lower yield is a bigger risk to proliferation than fewer weapons with larger yields.

As to what they are supposed to do with their unused weapons grade material? They should do what the USA and France does and either safely store it or separate it and reprocess it for medical and energy. The USA had a notable deal with Russia to do just this many years back.

But turn it into more weapons just because they have extra? Your suggestion is stupid. They are expanding their arsenal for political reasons. The whole point of the NPT is to get rid of these "deterrents" and move away from the nuclear brinksmanship that you seem to support.

As for your intended shitfight about education, I could not give a rat's blue asshole about that. I studied physics, my knowledge of the NPT comes from on-the-job work from when I was a reporter. You want to be the smartest dipshit in the room? Done, you are the smartest. I have only an average intelligence and that is sufficient to see that you do not know your ass from your elbow with regards to rational nuclear policy. Guys like you want wars and you want other people to fight those wars for you.
Meh. Mike, get fucking help. Don't know what conversation you think you are having and with whom and in what reality, but you miss every single point and just magic up new ones.
Maybe you should travel a bit. Proper travel, ie: leave your continent. I think it would do you a world of good.


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A shining example of Russian par excellence on caring about nuclear safeguards/heightened risk/accidents.

17.19 AEST
The Ukrainian director-general of the Russian-held Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was detained by a Russian patrol, according to Energoatom, the Ukrainian state agency in charge of the plant.

In a statement on Saturday, the company said Ihor Murashov had been detained on his way from Europe’s largest nuclear plant to the town of Enerhodar around 4pm on Friday, Reuters reports.

Petro Kotin, the head of Ukraine’s atomic energy company, wrote on Telegram:

He was taken out of the car, and with his eyes blindfolded he was driven in an unknown direction.
With no immediate word on Murashov’s fate, Kotin added:

His detention by the Russians jeopardises the safety of operation of Ukraine and Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.
The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) faced calls for a demilitarised zone around the plant last month from the United Nations after Russia and Ukraine blamed each other for shelling at the site that has damaged buildings and caused the disconnection of power lines.

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Meh. Mike, get fucking help. Don't know what conversation you think you are having and with whom and in what reality, but you miss every single point and just magic up new ones.
Maybe you should travel a bit. Proper travel, ie: leave your continent. I think it would do you a world of good.

Nope. He claims to have lived in Sydney at one point and I assure you, from what he's posted about that, he learned nothing at all.

I admire your persistence but the reality is, what you're doing is like mud wrestling a pig. Both of you get filthy, but only one enjoys it. Mikey is in my ignore list.



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From Rybar telegram, Russian mil blogger;
Armed Forces of Ukraine concentrated the main efforts on three sections of the roads: Liman - Zarechnoye , Torskoye - Kremennaya , Torskoye - Svatovo . Properly distributing forces, the Ukrainian formations focused on cutting the lines of communication of the Russian troops.

At the same time, the pushing of the Russian defensive orders continued in Liman itself , Stavki , the northern environs of Yampol and along the "road of life" .

▪️By noon on October 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to physically cut the Torskoye-Svatovo road and pin down the forces of the RF Armed Forces in a battle in the Ternov region .

▪️The Ukrainian flag was raised at the western entrance ( 49.012093, 37.772098) to Liman : at least 20% of the city was controlled by the enemy by that time. This is evidenced by the absence of sounds of small arms combat and artillery strikes at the western entrance to the city.

The fighting shifted to the center and eastern part of Liman , the southern outskirts of Stavki , and the northern outskirts of Yampol . Communication between Torsky and the Liman garrison is blocked by fire.

▪️The RF Armed Forces strike at Zarechny (Kirovsk) , which includes Ukrainian formations. It is through Zarechnoye that the Liman-Torskoye road passes.

▪️The Torskoye-Kremennaya road is under constant fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian maneuver groups are trying to tie up Russian units in battle.

🔻Despite the measures taken by the Russian command, it turned out, at best, to slow down the advance of the Ukrainian troops. At this stage , it is not possible to turn the tide of the battles for Liman


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The situation in the Limansky direction
as of 15.00 October 1, 2022

By the middle of the day it became obvious: a decision had been made to withdraw troops and leave Liman .

After the appearance of a video from the eastern outskirts of Zarechny with a blown up bridge ( 49.021573, 37.952583), which was occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it became clear that the entire "road of life" was already under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian artillery continues to work on suitable units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but if earlier attention was focused on Liman, now the goal of Ukrainian formations is to block Kremennaya and take control of reservoirs on the Zherebets River .

Most likely, the active phase of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Kupyansk and Redkodub to Svatovo , through which the supply routes of the RF Armed Forces pass , will soon resume .

The loss of Liman is, first of all, a serious damage to the reputation of the Russian Federation. Because since yesterday, this is already the territory of Russia (even though the treaties have not yet been ratified - this is not so important), and not just the liberated territories of Ukraine or the Donetsk People's Republic.

In circles around the military, they are discussing that after ratification on October 5, full-scale hostilities will begin: a wide range of weapons and military equipment will be lifted into the air, hell will be created in Western Ukraine, and then we will live.

You know, if this is all there and they didn’t use it within the framework of the SVO, then why did someone decide that on the 5th, something would change?
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Putin Is Trying to Outcrazy the West

With his annexation of parts of Ukraine on Friday, Vladimir Putin has set in motion forces that are turning Russia into a giant North Korea. It will be a paranoid, angry, isolated state, but unlike North Korea, the Russian version will be spread over 11 time zones — from the Arctic Sea to the Black Sea and from the edge of free Europe to the edge of Alaska — with thousands of nuclear warheads.

I have known a Russia that was strong, menacing, but stable — called the Soviet Union. I have known a Russia that was hopeful, potentially transitioning to democracy under Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and even the younger Putin. I have known a Russia that was a “bad boy” under an older Putin, hacking America, poisoning opposition figures, but still a stable, reliable oil exporter and occasional security partner with the U.S. when we needed Moscow’s help in a pinch.

But none of us have ever known the Russia that a now desperate, back-against-the-wall Putin seems hellbent on delivering — a pariah Russia; a big, humiliated Russia; a Russia that has sent many of its most talented engineers, programmers and scientists fleeing through any exit they can find. This would be a Russia that has already lost so many trading partners that it can survive only as an oil and natural gas colony of China, a Russia that is a failed state, spewing out instability from every pore.

Such a Russia would not be just a geopolitical threat. It would be a human tragedy of mammoth proportions. Putin’s North Koreanization of Russia is turning a country that once gave the world some of its most renowned authors, composers, musicians and scientists into a nation more adept at making potato chips than microchips, more famous for its poisoned underwear than its haute couture and more focused on unlocking its underground reservoirs of gas and oil than on its aboveground reservoirs of human genius and creativity. The whole world is diminished by Putin’s diminishing of Russia.

But with Friday’s annexation, it’s hard to see any other outcome as long as Putin is in power. Why? Game theorist Thomas Schelling famously suggested that if you are playing chicken with another driver, the best way to win — the best way to get the other driver to swerve out of the way first — is if before the game starts you very conspicuously unscrew your steering wheel and throw it out the window. Message to the other driver: I’d love to get out of the way, but I can’t control my car anymore. You better swerve!

Trying to always outcrazy your opponent is a North Korean specialty. Now, Putin has adopted it, announcing with great fanfare that Russia is annexing four Ukrainian regions: Luhansk and Donetsk, the two Russian-backed regions where pro-Putin forces have been fighting Kyiv since 2014, and Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, which have been occupied since shortly after Putin’s invasion in February. In a grand hall of the Kremlin, Putin declared Friday that the residents of these four regions would become Russia’s citizens forever.

What is Putin up to? One can only speculate. Start with his domestic politics. Putin’s base is not the students at Moscow State University. His base is the right-wing nationalists, who have grown increasingly angry at Russia’s military humiliation in Ukraine. To hold their support, Putin may have felt the need to show that, with his reserve call-up and annexation, he is fighting a real war for Mother Russia, not just a vague special military operation.

However, this could also be Putin trying to maneuver a favorable negotiated settlement. I would not be surprised if he soon announces his willingness for a cease-fire — and a willingness to repair pipelines and resume gas shipments to any country ready to recognize Russia’s annexation.

Putin could then claim to his nationalist base that he got something for his war, even if it was hugely expensive, and now he’s content to stop. There is just one problem: Putin does not actually control all the territory he is annexing.

That means he can’t settle for any deal unless and until he’s driven the Ukrainians out of all the territory he now claims; otherwise he would be surrendering what he just made into sovereign Russian territory. This could be a very ominous development. Putin’s battered army does not seem capable of seizing more territory and, in fact, seems to be losing more by the day.

By claiming territory that he doesn’t fully control, I fear Putin is painting himself into a corner that he might one day feel he can escape only with a nuclear weapon.

In any event, Putin seems to be daring Kyiv and its Western allies to keep the war going into winter — when natural gas supplies in Europe will be constrained and prices could be astronomical — to recover territories, some of which his Ukrainian proxies have had under Russia’s influence since 2014.

Will Ukraine and the West swerve? Will they plug their noses and do a dirty deal with Putin to stop his filthy war? Or will Ukraine and the West take him on, head-on, by insisting that Putin get no territorial achievement out of this war, so we uphold the principle of the inadmissibility of seizing territory by force?

Do not be fooled: There will be pressure within Europe to swerve and accept such a Putin offer. That is surely Putin’s aim — to divide the Western alliance and walk away with a face-saving “victory.”

But there is another short-term risk for Putin. If the West doesn’t swerve, doesn’t opt for a deal with him, but instead doubles down with more arms and financial aid for Ukraine, there is a chance that Putin’s army will collapse.

That is unpredictable. But here is what is totally predictable: A dynamic is now in place that will push Putin’s Russia even more toward the North Korea model. It starts with Putin’s decision to cut off most natural gas supplies to Western Europe.

There is only one cardinal sin in the energy business: Never, ever, ever make yourself an unreliable supplier. No one will ever trust you again. Putin has made himself an unreliable supplier to some of his oldest and best customers, starting with Germany and much of the European Union. They are all now looking for alternative, long-term supplies of natural gas and building more renewable power.

It will take two to three years for the new pipeline networks coming from the Eastern Mediterranean and liquefied natural gas coming from the United States and North Africa to begin to sustainably replace Russian gas at scale. But when that happens, and when world natural gas supplies increase generally to compensate for the loss of Russia’s gas — and as more renewables come online — Putin could face a real economic challenge. His old customers may still buy some energy from Russia, but they will never rely so totally on Russia again. And China will squeeze him for deep discounts.

In short, Putin is eroding the biggest source — maybe his only source — of sustainable long-term income. At the same time, his illegal annexation of regions of Ukraine guarantees that the Western sanctions on Russia will stay in place, or even accelerate, which will only accelerate Russia’s migration to failed-state status, as more and more Russians with globally marketable skills surely leave.

I celebrate none of this. This is a time for Western leaders to be both tough and smart. They need to know when to swerve and when to make the other guy swerve, and when to leave some dignity out there for the other driver, even if he is behaving with utter disregard for anyone else. It may be that Putin has left us no choice but to learn to live with a Russian North Korea — at least as long as he is in charge. If that is the case, we’ll just have to make the best of it, but the best of it will be a much more unstable world.


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Piece came from Thomas L. Friedman...

There is only one cardinal sin in the energy business: Never, ever, ever make yourself an unreliable supplier. No one will ever trust you again. Putin has made himself an unreliable supplier to some of his oldest and best customers, starting with Germany and much of the European Union. They are all now looking for alternative, long-term supplies of natural gas and building more renewable power.

This, and many in the EU understand this. And next to other sources, efficiency will be king.

Russians must be looking really forward to the North Korea status.