Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off


Apologies for this being not Ukraine (sort of) but I am not understanding your issue with him apparently stating facts ?

Yet also
I have no idea if they are re-using the same nuclear material or not but since a smaller nuclear bomb is still going to be a shit day for someone this sounds in contrast to their stated goal I snipped above.
They are divvying up their existing fissiles into previously inoperable weapons. And yes, that is the rub, a slightly smaller nuke is still a nuke.

This is what has given angina to the French nuclear policy wonks. They had the second smallest of the arsenals above UK and now they worry that a shift in their own priorities will put them back into the bad old days of competing with the Brits.

The global nuclear industry must see this whole mess as an early Christmas, because their energy products have always been the second-fiddle to their enrichment products. Weapons drive that industry in a way that energy can't.


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Comparing Russia and Italy is a joke. Italy had a $2.1T GDP in 2021. Russia had $1.775T. Now in 2022, Russia's GDP will have plummeted. Furthermore, comparing Russia and Italy by per capita GDP is even worse. This stupid war is killing and maiming a good portion of Russian youth and Russia already a demographic catastrophe. They had a brain drain at the beginning and a youth drain with the beginning of the draft.

Still, some of our residential elk population will be along shortly to remind us that their stable genius says Putin is very savvy.


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must have left the window open
I watched again...some serious body language as he waits to answer; jaws clenching, eyes darting then looking up, shifting uncomfortably...this is really not going well and I reckon all bets are off for the next month.

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earths surface
its hard not to feel like something idiotic and devastating is around the corner with this mad man Putin

If Lyman were not in the newly annexed Russia, it would be the best target yet for a demonstration of some kind

One seeming benefit of bringing the front line activity onto what Russia now has stated is "Russian" territory is that they would be using WMD's on their own territory. Not sure this really means anything to the man completely disconnected with reality. All we can hope is that there are so many Ukrainian sympathizers and/or foreign agents in the power structure around him that he might no be able to execute the craziest shit. At some point you can't eliminate all the people not on board with your craziness. Hopefully we are closer to that than we are to a serious escalation.
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