Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off


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Nerd out. Professionals may talk Logistics but I was a bullet-launcher.

While we have already given Ukraine one million 155 artillery shells from a reserve of five million, precision weapon stockpiles are worryingly thin. Solutions In addition to multi-year production contracts and public money invested in their capacity.

”We are the Arsenal of Democracy. We will always be the Arsenal of Democracy.”

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Yeah, nobody expected a two year land war with massive use of artillery.

Russia is really running out of tanks. Loos like the T55 are really to be used as MBT soon.

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Rumored to be already flown to U.S. for technical analysis.

Byline is Mar 22, 2022 captured "outside Kyiv"... so yeah, if it/s not already been analyzed and reverse-engineered to a fare-thee-well, the C4 boys are asleep and deserve a good kick.


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We'll disagree about Panama.

We had every reason to go to Afghanistan to get OBL + friends. We had no reason to stay. And stay we did, 20 years of staying. We paid $2T of rent for our stay. In the end, it meant nothing.

The Persian Gulf War was unnecessary. There was no moral justification as we had backed Saddam to the hilt while he gassed the Iranians and the Kurds. There was no strategic justification as we could have prevented it with the greatest of ease. It was just a dumb war fought by dumb leaders intent on glory. Americans were right to fire H.

Somalia, we came, we left, it meant nothing. I'm a mercantilist. I think if we had found something to buy and maybe paid more than necessary we could have made a difference. But bang bang.
In Somalia, well...I was there. Do you think all those walking and crawling living skeletons were faked or something? Saved 10s of thousands of lives, we did.


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I'm in Panama right now and all the locals think the US intervention was a good thing. But they all admit its rather sordid. If Noriega had just agreed to be a puppet and not got into bed with certain folks from Colombia he might still be Presidente!

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If it had been anyplace but the oh-so precious canal it wouldn't have happened too.


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In Somalia, well...I was there. Do you think all those walking and crawling living skeletons were faked or something? Saved 10s of thousands of lives, we did.
Are you referring to the first intervention, before we ran away? Or the second, before Trump ordered the withdrawal? Or the third that Biden quietly did? Somalia is still a mess.


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The road to good intentions...
HW Bush let Reagan do the honors when the decision was made. Instead of a statement by the POTUS, they played most of this speech by Reagan on the Tripoli and the Juneau just before we went in, the relevant part starts at 22 min. This was fitting as HW had lost the election and was only the sitting POTUS awaiting Clinton's inauguration. At the time I thought it was just standard bullshit, hyperbole, as no place could really be that bad. Found out otherwise.

The speech reflects the mood that took hold at the fall of the USSR in HW, Baker, and spawned the PNAC crowd. With the Cold War ended it was hoped the US could use it's vast military power to act as a sort of world policeman, strictly with the best intentions. A noble cause that certainly was a road to hell here and there.

However in Somalia hell got there long before we did, and instead the road to good intentions passed through it.


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Saw this yesterday - Wagner PMC to withdraw from Bakmut. Haven't seen any confirmation as yet though. (Did that work?)

<iframe width="885" height="498" src="" title="4 MINUTES AGO! Red Alert in the Kremlin! Wagner Group Exits Ukrainian Territory!" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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West Maui

The air forces of four Nordic countries agreed to operate their fleets of around 250 fighter jets as a combined force, hoping to deter Russia by working together.

Air force commanders of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark said Friday that they have signed a letter of intent to establish a unified Nordic air defense, Reuters reported.

"The ultimate goal is to be able to operate seamlessly together as one force by developing a Nordic concept for joint air operations based on already known NATO methodology," Denmark's air force said in a statement, per Bloomberg.

"Our combined fleet can be compared to a large European country," commander of the Danish air force, Major General Jan Dam, told Reuters.

Dam said the move was in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine last year. The invasion also prompted Sweden and Finland to seek entry into NATO, an alliance which already includes Denmark and Norway.

The joint force will be a worry for Russia, boasting a significant number of top-tier fighter jets.


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Even if Turkey, or Hungary want to block Sweden's (or maybe someday Ukraine) formal membership in membership in NATO, there's no way they can stop any nation having from making their military meet NATO standards, having a liasion office in Brussels, etc. It's just as Japan which in theory does not have a military, works hand in glove with the US military, and going forwards-Australia and the Philippines.

A underrated supplier of ordnance to the UDF is Pakistan, which does so on a commercial basis.
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