Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off


Ban the Russians.


under the southern cross I stand ...
Looks like the PA collective are really getting off on all this death, destruction and war toy talk.

Terry Hollis

Super Anarchist
Great general and tactician, but as usual, too narrow in focus.

Without good AA and fighters, artillery would've been toast.

Without lots of rail cars and ships, there wouldn't be any shells or replacement barrels.

American industry supplied 65% of all military equipment used in WW2 by the US, Russia, and the rest of the allies.

American industry and logistics won the war.
You are right, it's just a pity it took them so long to come to the party.


under the southern cross I stand ...

This is what they are saying in India. Thought you might want to know.​

European officials accuse USA of making profits from Ukraine war

European officials are accusing the USA of making profits from the Ukraine war in the energy and defence sectors while Europe suffers.

Top European officials are reportedly upset with the USA administration and alleged that the USA is making a fortune from the war, even as the EU suffers, according to a report in a leading Western media.

“The fact is, if you look at it soberly, the country that is most profiting from this war is the U.S. because they are selling more gas and at higher prices, and because they are selling more weapons,” one senior official recently told POLITICO, a leading media house from USA and Europe.

“We are really at a historic juncture,” the senior EU official said, arguing that the double hit of trade disruption from U.S. subsidies and high energy prices risks turning public opinion against both the war effort and the transatlantic alliance. “America needs to realize that public opinion is shifting in many EU countries.”


Blues Rule
This is what they are saying in India
source of your dated article is actually Politico .

NOVEMBER 24, 2022

EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell


Josep Borrell Fontelles is a Spanish politician serving as High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy since 1 December 2019. Wikipedia
Born: 1947 (age 75 years), La Pobla de Segur, Spain
Education: Complutense University of Madrid (1976), MORE
Party: Spanish Socialist Workers' Party
Spouse: Cristina Narbona (m. 2018)
Children: Joan Borrell
Nationality: Argentine, Spanish
Full name: Josep Borrell Fontelles



under the southern cross I stand ...

As the war rages on and military spending booms, the US arms industry is a big winner in Ukraine

By Annika Burgess
Posted Sat 21 Jan 2023 at 5:13amSaturday 21 Jan 2023 at 5:13am
Joe Biden stands at a lectern at a weapons factory in front of a sign that says made in America.

Joe Biden toured a Lockheed Martin weapons factory last year and praised workers for making a "gigantic difference" in the war.(Reuters: Jonathan Ernst)
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As the war in Ukraine heads towards the one-year mark, so far there has been only one clear winner — the US arms industry.
There is no way Ukraine would have been able to hold out against Russia without American weapons.
But as the conflict rages on, there have been accusations from some EU officials that the US is profiting from the war through weapons sales and gas prices.
Meanwhile, analysts have warned of excessive spending and the US military-industrial complex (MIC) expanding beyond what is needed in response to Ukraine.

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