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There is a bridge just east of Kherson, E97. It seems to come right up from the south. Wouldn't it be the main line of communication? Other than the dam at Nova Kakhoval.
Only if the goal is to drive them out of the areas west of the river. The goal should be the whole freaking obast. If you can starve the Russians in Kherson proper you can starve the troops even further west.


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Also posted in the Ukraine thread in AC - from Quora:
What are the Himars that the US will send to Ukraine, and why did Kiev want more powerful missiles?

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Himars is a US-made multi-rocket launcher mounted on a truck frame. Ukraine has been asking America forever, “please, please, please” and finally received four units, and then allegedly five more.

To understand Himars deadly effectiveness consider this: in its first month of usage in Eastern and Southern Ukrainian battlefronts, a new verb was created in the Russian language. Please give a round of applause to —

Himarsit’ (химарсить) to strike from a long distance with high precision.

Example of application:

In the situation when a boy hits a football hard and breaks the window in the house over the football pitch, we’re talking about:

A boy himarsed a window. (Мальчик химарснул окно).

I haven’t heard himarsit spoken on children’s playgrounds, yet. I did read that boys in Donbas have adopted it from Russian speaking soldiers. I expect it to travel to Moscow via refugees, and spread across the country like wildfire.

Russian and separatist soldiers figured out that when UA strikes with Soviet weapons they always miss target, often by a long shot. When it’s a direct hit, it’s almost certain a Himars.

Here’s just one example of how Himars got introduced into the Russian language.

Activists of Young Republic group from Abkhazia, a pro-Russian rogue/fake/failed state to the south of Sochi, came over to Donbas to assist Russian Army.

Mr. Makarov posted on his Telegram channel a short video. “Usual morning routine of an activist of Young Republic begins with loading up ammunition into truck.” In the video, ‘activists’ are working in an ammo supply warehouse in Donetsk region.

Several days later they posted another video on Telegram. “Battalion commander asked us to find names of all the children who died in the republic and write them down on artillery shells. They will be fired at Ukrainian Army in the direction of Avdeevka.”

Ukrainian Army used the geotag of the video on Telegram channel posted by Mr. Makarov and himarsed the ammo cache just a few minutes later.

Soon a new post on Telegram channel came out from one of the survived activists.

“Today, we saw hell. Some managed to get out, some of our guys died, and one whole group we still cannot find. Won’t forget. Won’t forgive.”

Earlier, the command centre of 20th Guards Motor Rifle Division was himarsed in the Kherson area. It was confirmed that the commander Colonel Aleksei Gorobets, a few days shy of promotion to Major General, was killed. His predecessor, commander of the 33rd Motor Rifle Regiment, Lt. Colonel Yuri Agarkov was eliminated in March, in Donbas.

Also among the himarsed are the chief of staff and first deputy commander Colonel Sergey Nikolaevich Kens, the head of the operational department of the headquarters Lieutenant Colonel Koval, and the artillery chief Lieutenant Colonel Gordeev.

In this regard, a new grammatical construction comes to mind:

Himarsnuli tak himarsnuli.

(They) himarsed exceptionally well.


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Yea, I'm not sure what he means.

My understanding from the talking heads is that the expectation is that the order of battle begins with a broad general push along the line to (a) look for weakness and (b) to try and get the Russians to redeploy some of their forces away from the eastern Oblats. Depending on the weakness, they'll either focus on the city itself or try and cut the rails connections from the east and set up for a siege or both. At least that's the plan. There's a small chance the Ukranians might blow a hole in the damn itself and flood the river to try and ruin mobility but that seems to be a bit of nihilist to be practical. Neither side wants to damage the bridge E97 in practice - a settlement where there is a split Kherson isn't in the cards for either side so wrecking that bridge today seems unlikely.

Appears that it was a feint to try and facilitate the withdraw from the east as the Ukranians reset their lines. No sustained push.


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The Netherlands
The U.S. House of Representatives has voted for the ratification of Sweden and Finland’s applications for NATO membership. 394 votes for and 18 against. All 18 No votes came from Republicans:


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The Netherlands
Russian business newspaper Kommersant which many (wrongly) believed was a quality paper, publishes a story saying “secret medical experiments were performed by US on Ukrainian soldiers, having turned them into terrible monsters”.

Yeah, that is it.

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Russian business newspaper Kommersant which many (wrongly) believed was a quality paper, publishes a story saying “secret medical experiments were performed by US on Ukrainian soldiers, having turned them into terrible monsters”.

Yeah, that is it.
yes they are raping children and stealing old toilets to take home with them