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KA 52 Russian helicopter nicknamed "Alligator"



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A policy of framing this as Putin's war, rather than Russia's, may be wiser.
Really/ I don't see putin doing any fighting or dying do you?
I think he enjoys sending young people to their needless death. Not needless because putin obviouslt enjoys blood so it is full filling a personnal need of his. Greedy russian owners have been expending the youth of the lands under their control for at least a hundred years or more. I say owners because the people have no choice but to do as there ordered just like in china. I respect the Ukranian people and peoples currently under russian ownership.


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And Russian state media are explaining in detail, evening after evening, that they are hitting civil infrastructure to make live hard for Ukrainian citizens,and that many Ukrainians civilians will die because of that.

No signs of protests or massive strikes. If the Russians stop working in the munition factories or at other places like the railway, the war is over. They only way for Russians to stop this slaughter.


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RU talk that they are about to take Bahkmut (though from my memory they have claimed they have captured at least twice before). A complete mincing machine there though.

Near Kremmina it appears that Ukr are still advancing - albeit slowly.

Those long range UAVs are claimed to have a range of 1000km. Be interesting to see what they get used for.

Neither side will be able to be as profligate as they have been with ammunition, but I think the balance will steadily shift to Ukr


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Possible strikes on Engels airforce base in Saratov. Where the Tupolev bombers are based.
Talk of UKR long-range drones with 75kg warheads.

Seems this airfield was indeed hit with one of those long range drones. I previously argued that the airfields would not be worth targeting when we were talking about using missiles because the real time target info would not be available . But if they can really hit them with long range drones then they supply their own target info so that changes that equation.

Interestingly if successful it also suggests that Russian AAW was pretty crap, or that they have deployed all the AAW systems away from the airfields (e.g. to the front). And are thus vulnerable.

Ukr continue to provide pleasant surprises

"Two explosions at major Russian military bases, including the Dyagilevo base near Ryazan just 150 miles from Moscow, mean the war in Ukraine has come right to Vladimir Putin’s doorstep.

The explosions—which may have been missile or drone strikes but that has yet to be confirmed—suggest that whoever is behind them wanted to strike fear right in the heart of Russia.

The second explosion struck the Engels-2 base, from which Tu-95 bombers have been pummeling Ukraine’s infrastructure over the last month.

A fuel truck explosion at the base near Ryazan killed at least three and wounded half a dozen and reportedly damaged Tu-95 bombers and Tu-22M long-range missile bombers, which have nuclear capability.

Video posted on social media suggests that the telltale whistle of a fighter jet or missile can be heard just before the Saratov base explosion, according to the Guardian."


The UKR's appeared to have used Soviet Tu 141 UAV's, interesting for two reasons, ancient Soviet tech still works and they were not western weapons. The Russian called this an act of terror as you would expect, but apart from trying to send a message that Russia is vulnerable I cant see any strategic goal. The Russians responded with a strike on 17 strategic targets that were badly damaged
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