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Most reports are the Russian people reacted with incredulity to the news Putin had invaded Ukraine with the stated goal of ending its existence as a state. This will offend the russophobic, who dream of another endless cold war with the imagined end of the Russian people begging for mercy, but this is Putin's war.
All the russophobes died out a few years ago. Nobody wants to see Russia destroyed. We were in the process of integrating Russia into the international community. Then this war happened, and now we still don't want to see Russia destroyed, but we want Russia to be weakened to the point where they can no longer carry out aggression against Ukraine.


At least some of you knobs are thinking for change instead of swapping war porn vids and rubbing one out on the couch watching Top Gun, Red October etc etc

The next question is what is a Ukranian? If the states fell apart and Texas was granted independence you would call them Texans right, but they would still be Americans sort of even if the language official was changed to Spanish...

Ukie history, definitely worth a read.


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Eyesailor, I did not say every Russian is responsible, but the Russian society.
And every Russian is part of the Russian society.

No, Russia and Ukraine both could have fought for disposal of a dictator, only Ukraine did. After the wall fell both were in a very similar place.

And Russophobia is growing due to behavior of most Russians here. On their facebook groups etc they are a exact copy of Slug. Everything the Western media says is propaganda and Russian soldiers are angels. It is rare to meet a Russian who is totally against Putin, the war and the atrocities.
Of the 100.000 Russians in The Netherlands only 5 or 6 have shown there faces at Ukrainian support rallies. And that was only in the first weeks. Now they are all quiet.
Overall in the EU there are almost a million Russians with a Schengen visa. Something to worry about. Specially in countries with a USSR past like the small Baltic states.

You can discuss if Russians support the war, or do not bother etc. One thing is sure, Russians are not angry about the war. Yet. Waiting for the first signs.
They complain that the mobniks are not trained or equipped well to kill Ukrainians. Not that they should not kill Ukrainians.

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As for a reminder about history, the Russian's played the major part in Germanys defeat but that's barely acknowledged in the west. Most people believe it was the the UK and the Americans that won the war but 26 to 29 million Russians died in the east. Its a scale that people these days cannot imagine, which is why they don't understand either Russia or Ukraine.
I accept that Russia made a huge contribution to the defeat of Germany for ww2. In the beginning they were very much on the defensive but managed to gain ground on the Germans for three reasons, one they increased their ability to make weapons while Germany was beginning to struggle for resources then the US made their massive industrial capacity available to the Russians to increase their weapons even further.

Aside from that the US had a front starting from North Africa, the English Channel and the Pacific to deal to the Japanese.

When the war ended Russia occupied the territory that it had won in Europe and some minor Japanese Islands. All the occupied territory by the Soviet Union suffered economically whereas Italy and Germany thrived after a good dose of democracy.

The US occupied Japan for a few years and then gave them back their independence so they became a major economic force on the world stage.

So while Russia achieved a lot against the Germans they failed miserably with their occupation of the parts of Europe that they had taken..


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On state TV it was explained that the Air Defence had been moved from the other airfields to the border area which had created gaps. Berdyans'k however is in Ru occupied Ukraine, so one of the locations you would expect them to have moved the air defence to.

Being part of the Ru AF ground team will become as dangerous as being a RU pilot, soldier or seaman at this rate



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You and your government are the mother of all organized crime syndicates

your uneducated careless citizens and your corrupt military industrial complex are like drug barons spreading death worldwide.
last week in Kosovo two shipping containers full of American Ukrainian portable missiles, rocket propelled grenades , machine guns were intercepted
this junk has invaded Europe
africa and the Middle East are being swamped with American Ukrainian weapons
in the very near future civilian aircraft will be falling out of the sky and dam fools like you will wonder why
I cannot speak to the government. They are too disorganized to be in organized crime. They couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery.

But, yes, I have made a very decent living out of organized crime. My physician's practice is just a front and very useful for money laundering. Nobody keeps track of the cash co-pays.

The Ukraine situation is not as good for us as you think. The Ruskies are making out like bandits but for the rest of us it is playing havoc with our supply chains. I just lost a very decent arms deal to the rebels in Northern Mozambique because I could not get inventory.

The Ukrainian market for my Columbian Gold has gone to hell because instead of sitting around smoking pot, young Ukrainians are running around killing Russians. I have a warehouse full sitting in Turkey unsold. I cant send it to the US because it tastes like shit. The light at the end of the tunnel is the Russian mobilizcheks. All they want to do is get stoned and pretend they are somewhere else. I have a good lead with a Russian Commander who will take the whole lot off my hands and pay me with munitions which should help out if I can resurrect the Mozambique deal.

While you are pontificating about the patriotic purpose of the Russian invasion, spare a thought for your average hard working crime boss who is just trying to get by and make a living.
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All the russophobes died out a few years ago. Nobody wants to see Russia destroyed. We were in the process of integrating Russia into the international community. Then this war happened, and now we still don't want to see Russia destroyed, but we want Russia to be weakened to the point where they can no longer carry out aggression against Ukraine.
IMO the notion of a nation as large as Russia, with its vast natural resources, ever becoming unable to attack a small nation is absurd. It is better to frame this as Putin's war, not Russia's, as it in fact is.

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Meanwhile, in a sailing related matter, our SBS TV station in Oz has a nightly Ukraine 30 min segment of news broadcast from Ukraine.
Last night there was a ten minute segment on sailing and it showed quite a modern looking yacht sitting in a cradle on the hardstand called "Alex". It looked about 40' long and had a large racing numeral on the bow. The story also showed a number of rowing skiffs being built in a shed.
I don't speak Ukrainian, but this was an interest segment to see that.

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