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Hello Dog,

I was careful to include the role of the OUN during the WW2 and the holocaust. Bandera was one of the leaders of the OUN, and a long post would have got longer if I had gone through each one. Bandera did not participate directly in holocaust atrocities because he was interred by the Germans by then, but he would not have disapproved, he was antisemitic and despised Poles. Bandera was a unsavory person but he was also complicated. When the OUN split into the OUNB and OUNM, the OUNB initially supported an independent Ukraine allied with Nazi Germany with Hitler as a special, almost spritual mentor. Then the OUNB split again and Bandera faction fell out with Germany and the Nazi party. Bandera was imprisoned by the Germans . His post war history gets more complicated because he was sponsored by the British ( MI6) for a significant period and then the Americans who both seemed to be able to overlook his revolting antisemitism and preference for an authoritarian state, because they were so attracted to his fiery anti-soviet Russia rhetoric and his urging for a violent independence movement in Ukraine. He was not really Ukrainian. He was one of those damaged goods that emerged from the break up of the Austro-Hungarian empire poisoned by antisemitism and hatred of slavs. Another one was Adolf Hitler.

However my main point was that the contemporary supporters of an independent Ukraine with closer ties to Western Europe are not descendants of the OUN. Russia is taking a small truth and layering a large lie on top. An ugly facist who was killed in 1956 advocated for an independent Ukraine, therefore everyone who supports an independent Ukraine in 2023 is also a facist.

The Nazis built the autobahns in Germany, but everyone who support an infrastructure bill in 2023 to construct new highways are not necessarily Nazis.

In particular the Zelensky regime and the Servant of the People party are not a far right wing party advocating a totalitarian ideology, the annihilation of the Jews, and expansionist policy to invade neighboring lands which they believe rightfully belong to them. Unfortunately they have a neighbor to the East which does hold some of those views.
Adolf successfully conflated Jews and Marxism in the minds of not just his own people but across a broad swath of the peoples who had suffered from Stalin. Then came the death squads...and many of those people realized their "liberators" were even worse than Stalin....but that took some time and some dies had been cast.


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I guess you are right Stingray. It is only impatient me wanting the killing to stop as soon as Russia is out of Ukraine.
For sure, me too. And hopefully the signals being sent will convince RU to go back home sooner rather than later.

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When the Russians are completely out of Ukraine, back to UN recognized borders, yes, I want the killing to stop and the war crime trails to start.
War crime trials?

A lot of talk about it, but do you think Putin & Co. are going to voluntarily surrender?

There can be no trial in absentia, so it becomes a question of how you extract them out of Russia. Invade Russia? Do you expect the citizenry to hand them over?

I just don't see it happening.


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There can be no trial in absentia
i have a huge problem with this bit

it is an 18th century tec excuse at best where every person has a right to reply in person

that is no biggie in this day and age .. if they wish to see all and hear all then reply to all it can be done no problem
all that should be required is that they know what is going to happen and when .. and they have or can arrange some method of replying

ability to hide should not be a successful defense for atrocities in practice


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How do you decide which to fire?
As the most general of rules, you only fire the HVAPDS at heavy armor. You fire heat at lighter-skinned vehicles.

On the Iron Curtain 1980’s, our tanks only had a dozen HEAT rounds, a couple HEP, and all the rest were HVAPDS. Our goal was to kill any “Command” tanks [ones with radio antenna], and mobile air defenses. Before we all died: we were 50 miles in front of everyone else.

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I'm surprised you all can still see slugs.

Sea slugs? LOL...I see what you did there, Alan H.
I mean.... you KNOW that he's going to take a truth and then pile four lies on top of it to make propaganda. Why are you still bothering to look at it?


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Worth watching.

If I were Russian, I might ask why Dubya's Iraq war was OK but Putin's SMO is not. Both invasions of sovereign nations.
you dont think it had detractors

because of that war the usa lost ...
a lot of respect
trust by its strong allies

it certainly had consequences for the usa that have in a lot of cases yet to be undone

it still is not even a tiny patch on what pootin and the rushtards are doing
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just think slut
in comparison to what the rushtards are doing
those are the good guys

even thought they are mostly expanded comic book lies and extreem examples of very low numbers .. they still are more humanly acceptable than the rushtards
The nazis are being destroyed



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