So the CIA has been trying to broker a deal in secret despite Biden saying it will never happen.


Is UKR really a sovereign state when its being armed by by another country and when its territory is being negotiated away without its consent? Never believe anything unless its been officially denied though:


This was probably leaked by the Germans who are getting the shits with the US screwing their economy.

The deal was unacceptable by Zelensky and Putin, but the real point is that the neocons are lying to us about "winning" unless of course losing is now the new winning. As I have said repeatedly the US and EU do not have the armies to fight this war. I also suspect that they want to direct their sabre rattling towards China which is the real threat to US economic hegemony. Russia is a fading empire and will never again be a superpower, the hawks "may" and I use that term loosely, have realized that the Russian nut is too hard to crack at the moment.

Rant over now carry on with your war porn and trainspotting


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This is the first I've heard. Another game changer, just like the HIMARS. They have a small warhead of 36 lbs of explosive.

"After months of agonizing, the U.S has agreed to send longer-range bombs to Ukraine

Ukrainian leaders have urgently pressed for longer-range munitions, and on Thursday officials said the U.S. will send an undisclosed number of the ground-launched, small diameter bombs, which have a range of about 95 miles (150 kilometers). The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details of the aid package not yet made public. "

This green line - from inside Ukraine held territory, is well under 95 miles. Suddenly one of two supply routes into Crimea is within range.

Just have to drop that pesky Kerch bridge and suddenly Russian troops in the Crimean peninsula are without supplies.

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The problem with that map is it bases the shot from a spot well within Russian artillery range. Yeah, they can shoot from there but they would be scooting like crazy immediately after. Really limits how much damage can be done.

The M777 has a range of 18 to 25 miles. The 25 miles is with the Excalibur round. Other artillery pieces and of course HIMARS have longer ranges, but those are very expensive we can only produce so many so fast so thereby few and far between. The Russians already had to move their logistic hubs when they lost Kherson back 25 miles. If the Ukrainians get the GLSDB, the Russians will have to adjust again. I’m pretty sure they’ll run out of safe space from the GLSDB....which is pretty cheap compared to HIMARS.


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I don't expect anybody is sitting around waiting to be shot at with enemy artillery these days. They all are dead or have learned their lesson.

Maybe it will be just another tool in the toolbox, but it will likely take the Russians some time to adjust from being bombed from even further away.

Or maybe you just spot the Russian artillery first because you can kill them from well beyond their range... Then get a bit closer.

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The biggest problems for the GLSDB are low expected production volume and small warhead. And then there is the long glide phase where they may be easier to take out by RU AD as compared to GMLRS. Eventually the US may be able to ramp up GLSDB production and then also add GMLRS-ER to the mix.

When fired from HIMARS, the Ukrainians already have an idea of how close they can get to the front. The HIMARS is designed for good shoot and scoot tactics.


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Each piece of sports equipment? "Defense of Ukraine" has perhaps misunderstood the capabilities of the "Laser".

Anyway, you might imagine the EU could easily prevent the RUS team from competing in Paris 2024 by blocking Schengen visas to RUS citizens. Some Schengen-zone countries would like to do so anyway, some don't.

But I believe you'd imagine wrong. The "Host City Contract" requires the host country to regard IOC accreditations as equivalent to visas and work permits. I think athletes are among the multitudes entitled to be accredited.

Another damn fine reason not to want to be a host city.

A good summary
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Russia’s central bank makes a decision on its key interest rate this week, currently 7.5%. The bank’s governor has warned that the country faces a labour shortage because of the conscription of young men to fight in Ukraine. An additional 700,000 are thought to have either fled the draft, or just left Russia because they are fed up


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Perhaps goes without saying, but a caveat about weapons like the various HIMARS-launched missiles, GLSDB, MANPADS, ATGM’s, and tank munitions.

The actual (and classified) range of these systems is something more than the public disclosures. Exactly how much more varies.

Russians would be unwise to treat unclassified range as a given.
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If one goes by international law and national boundaries then is half that bridge in Ukranian territory and the other half Russian?
As you can expect, that boundary is disputed, with a somewhat complicated history. As is 'ownership' of the bridge (a separate legal topic from the international boundary).

But most western originated charts would show the boundary somewhat like this one:



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Tidbit, the factory that build the bridge decks just went up in flames, as did a huge oil depot nearby (5km), Belgorod area.
Wow... Could well be in prep for an attack on the bridge...

Those replacement bridge decks we saw being transported were truly massive pieces, it was a huge job to produce them. But the factory who produced them, wasn't it much closer to the bridge than Belgorod?