Ultimate cruising salad? Good enough for astronauts apparently.


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Do like broccoli rabe?
Too bitter for my delicate taste buds. :rolleyes: Same with endive or cilantro. Or tree nuts. Kale and chard and arugula are right on the edge. With greens, so much hinges on the preparation. I'm not a 'raw foods' person, tho some of my friends are keen. Also, our produce selection here is terrible. If I want something wholesome/niche/unwilted, that means visiting friends' microfarms. And then we wind up chasing chickens & carrying buckets of compost around the rest of the day.:LOL:

Every couple years, I remember we have an attached greenhouse & plant some salad fixins. Would rather work on the boat, tho.


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Same if you're taking opioids, even for a short time. Ask me how I know - on second thought, don't ask.
My brother has had loose bowels for years after a trip to Nepal. Recently broke the top of his femur off and had to get a hip replacement.

Said the only good thing is finally getting to drop logs. 🤣

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I am married to a mostly vegetarian and love the more bitter greens like broccoli rabe. One of the best ways to prepare some greens is to pour hot olive oil and garlic over them, and immediately toss.

When you prepare/dress kale or broccoli rabe correctly (I bow to her expertise there), there's nothing better. It looks so easy but I think there is a knack to it that takes time.

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