under new management

Damn. Things change. 

Lots of memories made here.  SA gave me the courage to go for it, sailing across the Atlantic in 2007 - and helped me gear up, and came along for the ride. We lost far too many, listed in the Fuck Cancer thread where we had a safe zone to show our softer side. 

I just commented to a friend that I've made, through these pages, "some of the best friends I've never met" - and many that I did meet, too. 

Have fun, Scot - enjoy the fruits of your labours.  

Are you going to let us know who the new masters are, or is that classified until your tenure expires? 



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.... I am stoked to be hired to be the content creator.
"Content creator"????

Bullshit - the content here has always been created by the forum posters!

(Just yanking your chain - I echo those who thank you for creating this special place for us to annoy each other, and once your year is over, remind you of some advice I gave you (unsolicited) a decade or more ago - "get a haircut and a real job"!)



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Since you asked for it (on that Fontpage-thingy)



I think we had it coming and there were some signs:

One of the best things you did in the last years were the Retroboat videos. I think in hindsight, it was obvious you wanted to do something different for once and I remember you were a bit disappointed when it didn't get the traction it should have. Maybe you can team-up with Matthew Sheahan or Chris Beeson, or someone like that in the future and do things like 'the honest boat review show'.

Anyway, I hope you get to enjoy the time ahead, Ed.

And whoever our new Overlord is: I bid the welcome! You probably think you bought a web publication with an adjecent forum. Ahahaha.

You ain't seen nothing yet. We're going to have sooo much fun.

Let's begin with the infamous and inevitable:

Rule Number One, Mr. Speaker!

[yes, this is the Titty part the Ed might have mentioned in a low, mumbling tone]

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Regardless of how this turns out, Scot Tempesta put all companies, governments, organizations and individuals involved in sailing on notice that business as usual was over.  I was working on a project at Volvo North America when I yahooed "Sailing Forum".   Very few choices came up.  There were a large number of webpages for powerboats yet very few sailing choices.   Sailing Anarchy appeared to consist of four posters, two of which clearly were Scot Tempesta! I got a huge laugh over reading back through the scrolling forum thinking this is going to last about a month before a spurned So. Cal PHRF loser goes all legal on the site.   

For some miracle of modern internet law Sailing Anarchy grew in posters and interest.  So. Cal PHRF, the home of Karen and Daren of aquatic competition just could not muster the litigation to shut the site down. I even entered the first contest and won!  I was so overjoyed I sent Scot cash to pay for my own prize.  I could not take a dime from this absolutely insane man who was challenging the status quo.

In the early days of Sailing Anarchy many of us used our own name.  By using a real name or that of our boat we thought that others might give our posts more credence.  There may also have been the thought that this might encourage self-restraint in our posts.  The sheer number of absolutely hellish stories was nothing short of incredible.  We now know that the big sailing magazines simply buried any information that might cause even a ripple in the sailing community. 

The built-up tsunami of those affected hit very hard.  Scot Tempesta led with stories of sail lofts.  Very soon it was builders, race organizations, government entities and individuals.  Those who posted had better be able to back up their claims amid the torrent of denial.  Very quickly it became obvious that many of us not deeply in the sailing biz did not know didly squat about this sport.

The immense amount of knowledge that I have obtained through Sailing Anarchy cannot be calculated. Robert Perry described SA forums as big piles of dung that if you dig through might give up a diamond.  Sailing Anarchy connected me to answers and sent me off in many directions which I found knowledge that only a few years earlier was unobtainable.  I quickly realized that posters from Australia and New Zealand were to be taken very seriously.  Repeatedly anyone with a connection to those two countries or those who worked with someone from down under knew the answer.  Prior to Sailing Anarchy these voices had been muffled by the big magazines only to be heard if they set up shop in the United States or Britain. Sailing Anarchy busted open this treasure chest and the jewels keep being uncovered every day.

I have no idea when Scot Tempesta will actually depart.  Perhaps it will be at the end of this new contract or his demise could happen as we have expected, at the hands of a disgruntled So. Cal PHRF member. Whenever Scot signs off or is just simply offed, an era of openness in sailing will have ended.  I can only hope that this short period of glasnost in the sailing community does not end.  

In the spirit of helping other sailors out here are some recent tips for Sailing Anarchy readers.  

Kevin Dibley may have three very high-quality new cruising designs available at low prices.   These sailboats are built in Turkey and if you have been following the news, our various English speaking countries’ currencies have skyrocketed over the Turkish Lira.  For those who are experienced in importing or can buy that experience check out Kracken Yachts, Kevin Dibley's website and Robert Perry's interview with Kevin Dibley.

Kraken Yachts

Dibley Marine Design

Excellence in Yacht Design

I met someone who is becoming a very good friend through Sailing Anarchy.  IMHO he scored a great deal on North Sails recently.  If you are in the market for the best North has to offer with delivery in the late first quarter of 2022 do not wait to make your deal this week. 

Seahorse Magazine - Print, Digital or both at a substantial end of year discount.  Ends Dec 31st. 

Seahorse Xmas Sailing Anarchy Deal - Ends Dec. 31 2021

Charleston Race Week - - The northeast is going to have an especially tough flu/covid season this year.  Your first major event after what is shaping up to be an awful winter is Charleston Race Week. Consider planning on a visit to the east coasts best event even if you have no plans for racing.  For anyone considering moving your sailing activities to Charleston this event gives you an opportunity to meet fellow sailors involved in everything South Carolina has to offer.

Charleston Race Week

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Well, what I do not read much above of is: Thank you for keeping me interested in the sport I love. The boats, the sails, the keels,the ratings, the new gear.

I View attachment 164392 I have learned a lot and met a lot of people to sail with from here and a few of them internationally. My work day may not be the same again.

Sail Safe!



Hope you made major moolah from the deal, you can tell us if you like!

Hope you’ve sold it to an equally cantankerous and abrasive individual (that’s a compliment by the way)

if it’s a corporate deal we can kiss it goodbye because there’ll always be counsel saying you can’t publish that article or photo.

Enjoy the boat



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Ann Arbor, MI
FCK me, Scot!  What a Xmas present!  I have been here since just about the very beginning when you had an innerview with, I think Pete Melvin, and he ended it with a photo of the twins from Wicked Weasel.  The micro knickers they had on were "Nice Pair" colors.  Of course I printed it off, laminated it, and placed one in each hull, in an inconspicuous place.  

I can't thank you enough for all these years of content, and brother/sisterhood with everyone.  All the best to you and yours!  And good on ya, Brother!  You're the BEST!



As a poster and long time follower from Sydney, congratulations for giving me and fellow sailors a place that in between the bullshit, there has been some great communication, and great knowledge shared. As we fight for better management of our sailing down under, a like minded group of people have come together, and it has become a community. 

Then I wouldn't know how to start a day without General Anarchy, but still haven't dared to go to PA.

Without you this wouldn't have happened, so thank you and all the best.



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I applaud your ability to leave the rat race, and hustle a year of full benefits to boot.   

a guy’s got to know:   Sponsored forums is all well and good, but what’s the new plan?    After a year will there be verified sign in names with marketable information like postal code, registered tonnage, etc?    Or will it merely be Google analytics looking through the steady stream of bs to determine who gets adds for carbon fiber blocks, who gets adds for gimbaled stoves and who is the poser reduced to viagra without a prescription adds?



Wowza!  Congrats Scot, change is always an exciting time.  Can't wait to see what's next for SA and the Tempesta empire!!



Ed Lada

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Well hell.  

Glad to see you get out of here alive and enjoy your freedom.

Many thanks for providing a warm safe place for us to break the furniture, piss on the floor, shit the bed, projectile vomit all over the place, and be complete assholes.  The new owner will never get the place clean nor should they.

I am proud to be a monkey in this circus and I've even managed to make a few friends here and even met some of them in real life, all good people!  

You done well Scot, if you aren't pissing people off then you aren't doing it right.  By that measure, you've done a hell of a good job.  

Keep on keeping on, living is the best revenge!



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Growing old really pisses me off. Things keep changing, Damn-it, I don’t like it!  

So, This place has been a revelation.  Gruff on the outside but a fine bunch inside.  Guess it was you.

So, good luck, enjoy retirement 

To the new guy

Show us your wife’s TITS!