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I applaud your ability to leave the rat race, and hustle a year of full benefits to boot.   

a guy’s got to know:   Sponsored forums is all well and good, but what’s the new plan?    After a year will there be verified sign in names with marketable information like postal code, registered tonnage, etc?    Or will it merely be Google analytics looking through the steady stream of bs to determine who gets adds for carbon fiber blocks, who gets adds for gimbaled stoves and who is the poser reduced to viagra without a prescription adds?
That's a scary vision of the future.


Best of luck to you and hoping the new owners (will you introduce them) carry on what you have started.  We really appreciate your help in sharing so many of our stories over the years.  From capsizes to victories, family to friends, this has been a great place to share it all






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For the love of God please tell us Clean is not the new owner..

And before you walk out the door, how bout telling us where the money collected for the AC boat years ago disappeared to??

Statute of limitations must be expired by now..



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To think I've been visiting this site near daily since 1999...

Good luck Ed, it's been a hell of a ride.



Fuck me! Hope SA hasn’t been gobbled up by Scuttlenutts!!!

Having you get sponsors to pay the bills for over 20 years has been good for me! Hope it doesn’t change too much and go sailing for Chrissake!



As a relative newbie, having joined in 2004, this is still the first site I check every morning when logging onto my computer.  Scot and I share practically zero common political views but I think he is by far the best thing to happen to our sport since dacron. 

In the early days I was in my office reading a forum post by LR with other inputs by Teaky (five head) and was laughing so loud my then boss popped in to ask what the hell was going on. How to explain?  Impossible.  Where else you gonna get that?

The amount of useful input from true professionals and active racers is hard to quantify.  The thick skin needed to participate is legendary and sorts out the bullshit. 

I hope ed does stay in the game without the headaches of running this goat rodeo.  Good on ya!



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Congrats, thanks for everything, and have a great time without the business side of the site.


Steam Flyer

Sophisticated Yet Humble
Eastern NC
To think I've been visiting this site near daily since 1999...

Good luck Ed, it's been a hell of a ride.
Well, let's not get all maudlin and start the wake, just yet. Hopefully we have another year of merry mischief making, and then we'll see if it's all over. I also extend thanks and good wishes, and the hope that we're not folding up the tent



White Lightning2


While I disagree with your politics and find your egocentric behaviors irritating, you set a high bar for anyone trying to follow. SA had been rolling for a few years before I joined as White Lightnin', and I cannot thank you enough for creating this venue. It helped me learn and grow as a sailor. The characters that keep this place alive have changed over the years. As they have come and went, this place has had its ups and downs. For some of us, it is not what it once was, but it is still the best source of real sailing information on the web. Bar none.

Many thanks for not just creating it, but keeping it going for 22 years! 


PS- To the new owner; Fuck off and show us yer (or yer wifes/GF/tits) and welcome to the shit stained, monkey masturbation pit that is Sailing Anarchy!!


Rum Runner

Rum Runner
So who is the new owner of this POS?  I need to know who to be pissed off at whenever I open the site.

Really Ed - Congratulations on the next thing in your life. I hope you can do a lot more sailing. Have a drink on me.



Here's something you likely didn't see coming: as of today I have sold Sailing Anarchy. After 22 years of creating, publishing, and stirring as much shit up as I could (while maintaining SA as a business), I feel like now is a good time to hand the tiller over to someone else.


Well, shit. I didn't even know there was a steering system in this place.

Fine job Scott. Definitively a game changer for the sport. I am sure all the community is thankful for what you and Clean have done for over two decades. I know I am as well as my company.

Most success on the next step in your life...and next boat. Make sure is a sportboat, so I can kick your ass on the next race in Dago. 

Sail hard!



Fantastic news, can’t wait for the new VC owners to strip mine all the user data and sell it to fb, plaster everywhere with ads, and force the appointment of a bunch of woke jannies to wreck the forums

The fate of couch surfing is instructive


Actually, Lats & Atts might be a better example. At least that had a happyish ending though

Can’t blame the editor for cashing in though, that’s just life, enjoy ..

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What a community you helped build and shape. Not many can say they made the difference to so many in a  subtle real way. This is the place I come to escape the mundane and the bullshit of the daily hustle. It is wonderfully unfiltered with enough help to keep us all on course,  I hope you have a plan forward that matches the fun you had made here.  What ever it is I hope we get to join along.  It has been a goal of mine to come down and sail with or against you on my boat. Now I wonder when I pass the winning beers to you or kick your ass - who will be in charge of putting on us the front page. I guess we will see. 

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..the forums will be largely untouched, and i think they are going to work on site performance, mobile, etc.
hmm.. I mean, the name of the game is monetization.

 - who will be in charge of putting on us the front page. I guess we will see. 
exactly. if you can't get the forum to the front page, then bring the front page to the forum. lol. its always seemed odd to me that we get to cruise around here, completely ad free. Its seriously anachronistic. somewhere, some server is burning electricity, not to mention the capital costs of building and maintaining an honest-to-god social media site. So, thank you Scot. 


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