USA iPadAir GPS not working in Europe

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Hello all,

For a short charter trip, flew to Europe from USA. I have Navionics on 2021 iPadAir but the GPS did not work in Europe. Good thing I could download the Navionics "trial" on the iPhone on the spot and used it instead. Strangely enough, I Phone GPS actually worked but iPad didn't. Both are USA devices.

Any advice on why this may have happened and what to do about it going forward?

I can't return the ipad and Navionics subscription is unique to the device

Thanks in advance for your insights


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My US iPhone GPS works fine in Europe (edit: I see yours worked fine too)

GPS is a global system, the GPS chips in iPads are the same everywhere

Have you tried it without the US Sim card


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Did you buy the US GPS only model?

The European GPS system model costs extra because socialism

Joking aside the Europeans are working on their own system Galileo. Due to a row over Brexit the EU excluded UK so UK won't share it's base stations thus Galileo won't have global coverage 🤣


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Oh, really ?
Oh, no. Global coverage since at least 2018. Actually in theory more global then GPS, 5 degrees North and South extra. Not that most care.
Not sharing base stations only helps in calculating were the receiver is on earth. So not helping SAR missions. So the EU placed one Ground Sensor Station in the Antartic as UK were to infantile.
Stations name ? Troll.

Meanwhile UK disbanded it's own GPS system after spending half a billion.
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