USCG rescue off Cape Disappointment, Washington - large breaking sea

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I suspected you knew where it was. I was writing more for the larger audience.
For sure, most wouldn’t know that. “Local” knowledge, so to speak —but not really, since it’s well documented (but one wouldn’t necessarily know about unless one were planning on sailing the area and had read the Sailing Directions, etc.) Which is partly why I was wondering what other areas (anywhere) do folks know of that produce similarly dangerous coastal wave conditions? Interesting topic.

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For Nahwitti, like many places in the BC archipelago, the risks aren't really the ocean swells, but from tidal action, with the strong ebb stacking up onto the ledge of the bar and then getting hit by the westerly off the Pacific. Same with the Columbia Bar with the flow of the river.

Further down the coast, one very tough spot is The Cabbage Patch outside of San Francisco Bay.

A real joy ride is the entrance into Depoe Bay.

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Vancouver BC.
I like how Depoe Bay comes straight off the Pacific into an extremely narrow, rock-lined entrance with a turn, and then into something calling itself on google maps, "the World's Smallest Harbor". Sounds to me like nature is deliberately trolling mariners. Man though, that video from the helicopter is something. I surf and paddle and think about whitewater and hold downs quite a bit. That was a gnarly, shapeless, scary wave.


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On our first boat we were escorted into Gray's Harbor by 2 self righting USCG boats. One in front about 1/4 mile and one behind a similar distance. 15' breaking seas on either side of us.

Took me a massive glass of rum and some barbituates cold medicine to fall asleep after that entrance. Same day they escorted 6 other sailboats in, similar conditions. Seas were bigger (20-23') further out to sea but not breaking like that.

I have a lot of respect for any and all CG folks that rescue dumb boaters.

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I’ve been fishing and sailing across the Columbia Bar since I was 11, at least a hundred crossings. But I’ve never seen it get really nasty from a boat.

I don’t go then.


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I haven't been across the Columbia Bar but like the good year around crabbing just inside. Breaking, standing waves from shore to shore is intimidating, to say the least.
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Now they are reporting that this guy chartered a fishing boat to go out, two days before the incident. It's how he got the dead fish. Scouting out his stunt? Or did he suddenly want another fish? I'm guessing that logic can't be used here. Just surprised that he had the cash for a charter in the first place.