USS Midway hit again?


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That's what we heard. Dock talk is they hit the Midway at the exact same spot

IIRC last year's smash up also involved a 41.1.

Way to go guys. Way to go.

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To be fair it was gusting to 15 today so conditions were pretty treacherous. I was out with a reef in the main to keep the drinks from spilling.

And those carriers can really sneak up on you. 

Seriously though are we 100% sure those aren’t the same pics from last year?  For some reason the name rings a bell but I can’t place it. 


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The USS Midway has those pokey-outey horn thingies off the bow which originally held a net or something. They got rid of them in later aircraft carriers but I'm sure they represent a hazard to incompetent navigation. Come to think of it there are several protuberances out of the Midway's hull amidships but you'd have to get remarkably close to it for them to come into play one would think. 


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Those pokey-outey things at the bow are the dampers for the launch catapults.

Just for those who want to know these things...............

Do the elevators still work? Getting caught under one of those, coming down, could really make a mess of your day

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I remember when the Midway was home ported in Yokusuka, Japan as the carrier for the 7th fleet, late '80s.  She sailed out for a cruise one time, and not far from Tokyo Bay, a steam line exploded in a small space.  As I recall at least a couple of sailors were killed and several injured.   I am pretty sure when she left Japan, she was retired, she was old even back then.  The USS Kitty Hawk replaced the Midway.



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C'mon man! have some empathy! Can you imagine how terrifying that would be to have that happen to you on your boat?

I mean, there you are sailing along on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in your very nice & fairly new sailing yacht when suddenly, out of nowhere, an aircraft carrier abruptly appears in front of you.

I can easily imagine that the shock of that sight, and the fact that you and all your guests have drinks in their hands, makes it impossible to take avoiding action.

Plus the wind was suddenly & unexpectedly blowing you into the carrier. Sailboats are just plain old not equipped to handle wind.

I suspect the Iranians had something to do with it. Can't prove that, just a suspicion.


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