USSAILING Champions of Champions regatta


I too am jealous that I'm not good enough to qualify!

Of course, I also don't do it for a living (thank God).

With that off my chest, I think I'll root for a non-Pro...who is the best one?


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Are you saying that the entry list for the C of C is a promotion for the classes listed therein?
no, I'm pointing out that only two of the classes in the regatta have any relation to Vanguard. if this were a promotion vehicle for Vanguard, don't you think that they would have a bunch of others in there, too?
You seem not to understand how participants enter this event. NA or US national champs submit an application to be part of it, and my understanding is that no one who won such an event was refused. And there is no Vanguard, only a rapidly dying LaserPerformance that seems to be pulling its dick out and shooting it, over and over.

edit: my bad. Apparently a few application were refused as over the limit, I am working on finding out what the stated and actual criteria are.
I apologize if it seems like this particular post hijacks this thread but I must point out that there are no multihull sailors racing in this event and why that might be.

I am the Class President for the US A-Class Association. Our class has within its active racing ranks Olympic medalists, world champions, and a bunch of people who have won national and North American titles in both monohull and multihull classes. It's a great boat and super people and we appreciate the positive support we get from Sailing Anarchy and the SA community. We hosted the 2007 A-Class world championship in Islamorada, FL and during that event, we learned about ISAF taking the multihull discipline out of the Olympics and US Sailing's contribution to that decision. In 2008, US Sailing contacted us to renew our US Sailing class dues. My class secretary (who is a very highly regarded sailing industry icon) and I determined that in addition to US Sailing supporting the ISAF actions, US Sailing has not done anything to specifically benefit our class (their touted insurance program does not even recognize an A-Class even though Progressive and others do). We made a decision that we will not support US Sailing with our class dues until we see US Sailing reverse its current position and actively lobby ISAF to return the multihull discipline to the Olympics ASAP. That policy is still in place therefore our class is not eligible for this event.

We hope the general sailing community supports our position and actions because the issue from our perspective is not really about the Olympics, it is about a culture at US Sailing that needs to be changed. I hope Gary Jobson can turn this around. I believe the absence of any other US multihull one design class (Hobie 16, Hobie Wave, F-18, Shark, etc.) applying to race in this event could reflect a similar viewpoint. It's a fact that multihull sailors now represent 20-25 percent of the sailing community so you would hope that would be reflected in the entry list for this event and also the choice of boat every 3-4 years. The accomplishments of multihull sailors smashing speed records around the world and the anticipation of the next AC in two of the most advanced sailing designs ever has to be somewhat of a black eye to both ISAF and US Sailing based upon their actions in the last two years.

If we had sent a class representative to the CoC, it probably would have been Lars Guck, Pete Melvin, or Matt Struble. All three have won both world and national/North American titles in multihulls, dinghies, and iceboats. Any of these sailors would have been a great addition to the CoC. Our disappointment with US Sailing is their loss for an event like this.

Good luck to all of the CoC participants, it will be great racing.
A "bite off your nose to spite your face" reaction. As I recall, when all the US Sailing / ISAF / Olympics BS was going down a year and a half ago, you wouldn't give anybody the A-Class proxy in the One-Design Class Council to support the mutlihull agenda. Purportedly, you wouldn't give it to me (VC of the ODCC) because you thought I would represent the "Hobie Agenda" (which doesn't exist) vs. a multihull agenda. As a result, the A-Class went unrepresented at the meeting. Not that it would have made any difference anyway.

The A-Class needs to come out of their hole and be more involved. Saying, "FU" and going off to do your own thing accomplishes nothing.

BTW, this statement:

I believe the absence of any other US multihull one design class (Hobie 16, Hobie Wave, F-18, Shark, etc.) applying to race in this event could reflect a similar viewpoint.
Is not true. The current Hobie Champions didn't apply because 1) It's in a 3 person monohull - completely outside their frame of reference, 2) They're not eligible (not US citizens or Puerto Ricans), and 3) didn't have the available time. The Hobie 16, 17, 20 and Tiger classes are all current members of US Sailing.

It's a fact that multihull sailors now represent 20-25 percent of the sailing community
That "fact" has been proven to be untrue. By repeating it, you undermine our credibility. We are a significant segment of the sailing population, but it's not that big.



Dr Crash...thanks ffor the us sailing link for the booklet..All should read this...the quality and variety and talent of the skippers and crews is truly amazing! This shoul/wil be some event..good luck to all


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Race #1 in the books... And they're off.

Carlyle Sailing Association | [View in Media Format]

Lightning (20 boats) (top)

Series Standing - 1 races scored

Information is final.

Regatta results last updated: Thursday, October 15, 2009 11:09:07 AM CDT

Pos Sail Skipper Yacht Club 1 Total

1 Greg Fisher 1 1

2 Jeffrey Linton 2 2

3 Augie Diaz 3 3

4 Stuart Robertson 4 4

5 Talbott Ingram 5 5

6 Allan Terhune, Jr. 6 6

7 Olin Paine 7 7

8 Paul Cayard 8 8

9 Skip Dieball 9 9

10 David Spira 10 10

11 Oscar Barney 11 11

12 Christopher Williford 12 12

13 David Rumbaugh 13 13

14 Chris Raab 14 14

15 Mateo Vargas 15 15

16 Darrell Peck 16 16

17 Ted Dickson 17 17

18 Paul White 18 18

19 Jeff Thomas 19 19

20 Mike Martin 20 20

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1141 - Race 3 upcoming after completion of boat rotation.

1141 - Race 2 preliminary finishes top 5. Fisher, Martin, Varges, Ingram , Robertson. Fisher won by a nose. Large grouping after that. Very close racing.



1. , Greg Fisher, , 1-1- ; 2

2. , Talbott Ingram, , 5-4- ; 9T

3. , Stuart Robertson, , 4-5- ; 9T

4. , Augie Diaz, , 3-8- ; 11

5. , Skip Dieball, , 9-6- ; 15

6. , Olin Paine, , 7-9- ; 16

7. , Jeffrey Linton, , 2-16- ; 18T

8. , Mateo Vargas, , 15-3- ; 18T

9. , Allan Terhune, Jr., , 6-12- ; 18T

10. , David Rumbaugh, , 13-7- ; 20

11. , Paul Cayard, , 8-14- ; 22

12. , Mike Martin, , 21/OCS-2- ; 23T

13. , David Spira, , 10-13- ; 23T

14. , Chris Raab, , 14-10- ; 24

15. , Christopher Williford, , 12-15- ; 27

16. , Paul White, , 18-11- ; 29T

17. , Oscar Barney, , 11-18- ; 29T

18. , Darrell Peck, , 16-17- ; 33

19. , Ted Dickson, , 17-19- ; 36

20. , Jeff Thomas, , 19-20- ; 39



WHOA!! Shaking it up!

1156 - Top 5 at the windward mark; Ingram, Robertson, Dickson, Terhune, Williford. Christopher Williford is the Opti Champ and is 9 yrs old. Keep it up Christopher!

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