Few questions I'm hoping someone can help:

1. I'm using mine on an MC Scow (singlehanded) and the display is just a wee bit too far forward to quickly and easily get to the timer buttons. Is there any option existing or planned for some sort of remote control? Like maybe an Apple Watch app?
2. Anybody using theirs with the optional masthead wind sensor? I'm thinking about getting one to use for practicing to help build better feel for AWAs related to boat speed.
3. What app/service are people using to upload tracks and data for post-race analysis?
4. Is there a better user group or discussion forum for these sorts of topics?
Hey rasher, happy to help with the questions we can answer!

1. Yes, this absolutely in the engineering pipeline. We're hoping for remote control via cell phone and ideally smart watches as well. Let us know if you have ideas for this.

2. We're using the wind sensor, but happy to let another customer provide some insight! We love it and think it's a huge advantage while training.

3. We recommend Charted Sails or Sail Njord. If you're using video, Njord is optimal. Charted is simpler and easy to digest/use.

4. We just started a Facebook group for Vakaros users. Here's a link:

Everyone is invited to join!