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I've been eyeballing the Velociteck Prostart but at $1k I am reluctant to pull the trigger without some more info. I understand mostly what it does but a complete description is remarkably hard to find. Does anyone out there use one? Has it been valuable in improving starts and helping to take advantage of wind shifts? Based on the videos that I have seen on what it does I am somewhat skeptical /confused on whether it really provides relevant info. Not sure how else to describe it without going deep into geometry. I assume anyone who uses it will understand where I am coming from on this. Maybe.



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Friend of mine bought one, he brings it on every boat he races on. It's definitely useful but you can do a lot of what it does with a handheld gps (eg ping both ends line, set that as a course and then use cross track error for distance to line). I personally wouldn't spend the money on it, better off working on general starting skills and knowing your time on distance / time to accelerate  etc

For windshifts just have a crew member write down headings on each tack on a laminated card where you can see it

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If you look at some of the top boats (under 40 feet) they will often have a set of B&Gs... and a Prostart. Why? The Prostarts are easy to use, wireless and battery powered, and connect easily (so I am told) to analysis programs. If you use it correctly it can improve your starts. You can also train your whole crew on how to read the "distance to line" so they know when to trim in and start hiking without you needing to tell them. The compass is very accurate. Speed is GPS speed, so it can be misleading. Somewhat helpful for wind shifts but any good tactician is writing things down as noted in a previous post. There are similar products from Vakros and Sailmon that do similar things with additional features, you might want to look at these as well. They are all priced about the same. It would not be the worst $1000 you spent on sailing. 



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I had one. It chewed through batteries and eventually leaked through the "waterproof" battery compartment frying it completely. I replaced it with a Novasail for less than half the price. NS uses only one AA battery compared to three and the battery compartment is screw down with o-ring seal compared to the ProStart's plastic clip. NS doesn't have the lift/knock feature but neither does the latest ProStart. 



I use one all of the time in our Viper 640 racing.  The new ones do not require batteries and don't have a cover in the back that is as vulnerable to salt water intrusion.  When used correctly (not all that hard), it is a valuable tool for knowing when you are on the line in a larger fleet - it also has compass features and accurate GPS boatspeed.  We keep the compass on COG as opposed to magnetic and run it with a Tacktick Micro doing magnetic headings just above it, which gives us a nice feature to know how the current/tide are affecting us.  It also has shift tracking features and an inclinometer.  No need for running wires or having masthead instruments or thru-hull sensors (all of which are prohibited anyway in Vipers and each of which adds significant cost/maintenance).  For those in high performance classes in particular, it also records your max speed that can be easily checked / reset after each race / day / whenever you want, plus it integrates into some other software for post-race analysis.  I'm a fan.  I'm not using any of the other devices out there so I can't tell you if it is better or worse than any current products from Tacktick/Novasail/Vakaros, but for what I need on my boat, it's great. 


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