Vendee Arctique


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The decision was made not to restart (Pip says so in her recent update): it seems the depression will take longer to blow through than initially expected and the implications of having all the boats milling around, presumably in a relatively small area of very rough seas and with insufficient safe havens, for an extended period sunk in.
For those criticising the shortening, I think it's worth bearing in mind that this is a preparatory event to build qualifying miles for the Globe itself, breaking boats (let alone losing them or even skippers) would be counterproductive. The skippers are racing for fun in a class that's run by the sailors. Yes, they have to meet sponsors demands but those sponsors will have to foot the bill for any repairs or rebuilds.

I think pretty much everyone involved will be disappointed but that doesn't mean it was the wrong call. ISTM a very different situation from a following storm in the south during the Main Event.

Indeed, the vendée is a four year cycle, and the Imoca class is regulated by this cycle, there was no new boats on this race, but many skippers on new boats for them. It was a good decision, doesn't change the rules for the VG.

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