Vendee Globe 2016?


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Weather models look invalid for wind direction at Armel's position if he keeps going straight and the routing says tack! Or he prefers a higher layline for a better wind angle at Ouessant.

Armel 60 NM from Scillies and not on AIS atm.
Thanks for checking (and more, as ever).

btw, at 26:52 on the Live, Daumail reports that when leaders are within 200 mile zone (not 100), positions will be refreshed every 30 minutes. When within 60 miles, can be followed every 6 minutes.
Tracker has a new graphic that says <100nm it gets refreshed every 60 mins
Hehe . . . we'll see who makes the call which one is right.



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Imagine trying to get through this lot without AIS. Good luck with that repair Alex.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.52.52 AM.png



Listening to the Today programme on Radio4 in the U.K. and they do a piece on the VG. This is big deal as its the biggest talk radio breakfast show in the country.
U wot m8? John Humphries is hardly Rush! ;)
Surprised Ellen made that slip up tho.

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The problem for Thomson and GBR99 is that currently he'll be foiling along.....if Windy TV is on the money....

And when the Jackal calls the tack/turn Alex will be forced for awhile onto his non foil side (advantage Armel) however then the wind goes uber light drops right off.... so he who can tease speed best in light air might make better headway...

Its not over till the goddess Libertas sings, or maybe it will be Britannia!!

Fantastic work by these two top sailors either way.... has anyone put in a offer for HB yet on the used boat market?



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Listening to the Today programme on Radio4 in the U.K. and they do a piece on the VG. This is big deal as its the biggest talk radio breakfast show in the country. Ellen McArthur comes on to talk about how she got 2nd and sort of made the interview all about herself rather than Alex, and then when she's steered back on subject Ellen tells us that AT negated the foil damage by carrying and fitting a spare. FOR FUCKS SAKE. How dare she repeat this nonsense. If you are going to represent our sport to the masses at least have the good grace to get your facts right.
Anyone who would like to hear it can do so at skip to 01:42:25, lasts about 5 minutes.
Thanks for the link, and the time. (Safari wouldn't allow scrolling; Chrome did.) Dame Ellen will be sorry for the blooper, but made the case well for exhaustion, and that one never gives up until the first boat crosses.

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are there any plans to live stream the finish? If so, where in the hell would it be and oh yea, in English would be "nice"?

"Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to follow the finish of the eighth Vendée Globe with the arrival of the first boats on the official website, mobile apps and tablets, as well as on the Dailymotion channel and YouTube. The live coverage of the finish in English will also be available on Facebook LIVE beginning around thirty minutes before the finish line is crossed and finishing around two hours later."

French version specifies Dailymotion to be both in french & English; Youtube English