Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race


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Annapolis, MD USA
Anybody still racing VR?  I’ve been doing just about every race since the Vendee ended but without perks to save up credits.  Following Mom’s advice.  It’s been fun accept for Tara and that Nordstream business.  The current Med race with only 2 nav markers is tough but the open ocean stuff has been enjoyable.  Just checking in. 

WetHog   :ph34r:


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Hello mate, check just along the hall for threads with VR.  @Laser1 is currently holding the fort on the Transat En Double, with the occasional check in on the Med race.  BTW - If you don't mention Formentera, then I won't......  ;)



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Yup, the usual suspects still very much active in the Vela Med Cup - just finished this morning in the cheap ass class &  Transat En Double (full pack) finishing in about 15 hours and just started in the Normandy Chanel Race (full gucci gear).  Mom is in Atlantic record run & Tokyo Olympic thing.

Tried the Atlantic record, cheap ass, but did not look for 36 hours and failed dismally so have to have another crack at that.

With IRL sailing now taking centre stage a lot of straight line/point & shoot nav. 

Quite a bit going on but can't do it all.