Vendee Globe 2020


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3 hours sleep earlier might have slowed Alex down a little, and again right now.

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Be curious to see if AT will talk about his gybe process at some point - his cockpit has nothing to stack; his living quarters and hanging recliner is centerline. How much side to side weight management he does in the sail locker or what the sail locker looks like inside would be interesting to see. 



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If Alex were to win it would get more attention. Well I can hope. It is traditionally a very French race, and as with all ocean racing suffers from poor spectator viewing, though as the video downloads are getting better that may improve.

I'm impressed with JLC. Makes me think I gave up racing too young. Until I look outside at the pouring rain, take a glug of whisky and start recalling what it was like!



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Had a cry for the black boat and hope he has a restart. The weather conspiring against the foilers has been a godsend compressing the fleet...however other side of the Neptune line and the SE trades kick in will be their turn. 
Glad you're back Jack. Thread's not the same without you. Cheers.



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First he has to finish the race.

I suspect a lot of his stacking behind the bat cave or just in front of the keel/foils. All foilers drag the tail end, the front bounces even more than on conventional boats.
No idea if he is stuffing one of the tunnels next to the cave or if he uses it as bunk he can't fall out of.
There were some pictures of him underway. Did he have sails on deck? There was some commentary that some planned to keep most sails on deck at all times.



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Thanks, though I first thought this might be more details of the broach.

Good to hear the forecasters anticipate an easier Doldrums for the leaders. Hope it doesn't bite the backers

HUGO BOSS is due at the latitude of the Cape Verde islands tomorrow and is expected to pass the doldrums on Tuesday. According to Vendée Globe weather specialist Christian Dumard the leaders may be treated to a relatively straightforward crossing into the Southern Hemisphere.

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Currently leading. Fastest boat in the fleet. And he's asleep.

Well I suppose while it's nice and easy you take it. He'll hit a quiet bit at some point and they'll pile up from behind.
Ahead of the competition, extending the lead, no navigation or sail change in the near future. Sleep sounds about right. 



 Did he have sails on deck? There was some commentary that some planned to keep most sails on deck at all times.
No sails on deck on his videos:

I think it was l'occitane that leaves the sails on deck. Probably not very helpful with draining water from the deck



 Jeremie hugs a member of his team.

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Interesting numbers out of the last five updates for Boss.

2100  yesterday to 1700 today Boss put 59 NM into Cam

Boss 0400 TWA 109 TWS 10.7 BS 15.5

          0800 TWA 109 TWS 10.2 BS 17.2

          1100 TWA 113 TWS 11.7 BS 15.6

          1400 TWA 111 TWS 12.7 BS 19.5

          1700 TWA 104 TWS13.0 BS 20.5

Looks like Boss has a sweet spot here in the TWA range and looking at the track that appears to be what they are aiming for TWA vs heading, at least at the moment.

CAPE seems to indicate a fairly easy passage through the Doldrums for the two leaders. Going to be very interesting to see if Boss can continue to increase the distance up to that point.

I was not following the lead up to the race.  Do I recall someone posting that Boss is set up as much for moderate conditions as opposed to the harder SO conditions?  




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Apologies if this has already been answered, but for all the routing and whether buffs, are you expecting a park up and fleet consolidation at the doldrums?
Nope. Looks good, see that the isochrones don't get very close for GFS around the ITCZ. But sh*t happens, and the location of the ITCZ projections change. Also corridors to pass open up. Overall, I don't expect a big park-up.

Edit picture 2 has visible clouds with steady trades to the ITCZ and the remnants of Theta in the yellow circle. Time to start tweaking polars.



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VG is too French and pointing out how the competitors and suppliers are all part of this massive community that keeps Hamble and Lorient economy going is embarrassing to some. 
"Hamble" ? You mean Vannes ? Other ?

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