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Did you notice Jean Le Cam was making no progress for quite a while before the announcement was made?  Or maybe I wasn't following it closely as far as the updates.  It felt like I saw him overlapping Escoffier's boat on the map for quite a while prior to the announcement.  Either they are tight lipped about it or I wasn't paying attention. 



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At 2:18 am French time, the PRB team was informed of the rescue of Kevin Escoffier by Jean Le Cam. At the HQ since the beginning of the evening, the President of PRB, Jean-Jacques Laurent, assisted minute after minute with the race director Jacques Caraës and the entire race management team in all the rescue operations deployed for meet the skipper, forced to leave the edge around 14:46 French time.

He's on board with Jean!" We just saw him ”. A few quick words without more detail arose in the dead of night. A huge relief for the whole team, Kevin's family and all those involved in the Vendée Globe at sea, but also on land. The hours since Kevin's last message just before he urgently boarded his liferaft have been endless. Everything has been done to find the Malouin tossed about in his life raft on the border with the Indian Ocean, 600 miles southwest of the Cape of Good Hope.

Kevin has so far only been seen aboard YesWeCam! via a live video because Jean Le Cam had connected his video system during all the search operations. No one has yet been able to chat with the PRB skipper who just appeared smiling, bundled up in his survival suit alongside Jean Le Cam.



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I may have messed up my math (it wouldn't be the first time).  I'm getting sunrise at 0346 UTC.  There should be a long twilight - but fully overcast.
That is around time there now? UTC plus 2 hours. 

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Incredible seamanship. JLC has been a wizard picking his way through the fleet, and with this act he has demonstrated just what amazing feats a man can do. Finding a raft in those conditions at night with a balky engine? Cant help but regard with awe and respect.

SO excited for Kevin and his family, friends and team. Glad the Vendee Globe is keeping the world up to date with timely reports. 





now I can sleep now

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