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Hermann and JLC having Christmas fun. 

Boris sees Jean Le Cam on AIS and they share a christmas dance

© Boris Herrmann / Seaexplorer - YC de Monaco 


"I see jean le roi on the ais. We make the Christmas dance together. Hold the sails to the right and see if they fill. To the left. We turn the boat and try again. And some moments I am just happy when the sails don’t flap too much. The flapping could damage and fatigue the sails and batten system. Growing swell makes it violent. 

But then 2 knots and new silence ... deep breath and exhale. I am so tired at this point that it seems like an unreal dream. Sometimes I sense amazing intense smell of the sea. As if a whale exhaled. 

Doubts and hopes chatter in a far distant corner of my mind. wonder and silence dominate. 

Such a reunion of half the fleet has never happened in vendee history [arguable]. And the dices are still spinning on the table. It may be quite a while till we draw a line under this episode and count the gains and losses. 

4 days ago I shared the screen shot of my pacific routing statistic and deviated this the perfect reason to do the vendee. Great stable wind from behind. Amazing how wrong this outlook was

I love having someone on ais. Makes it so more natural. U see even the king is going through exactly the same struggle and each pirouette. I cat nap now a bit through the morning.  Steering with compas mode (as wind angle mode can’t cope with the swell and the only 2 knots of wind we have) and adjusting the course by eye and hand every 5 - 10 mns. Calms are always the hardest. And when I feel better rested later I will try to chat with jean on vhf. 

I remember a day in 2010 we spend together in his house. It’s full of books and we share a special interest in coffee and coffee machines. He gave me one back then. With a hand pump.”



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Thanks Hitch.  10hrs? Curious what changed from Herman's 28 hr delta (IIRC) when he ran it 12 or more  hrs ago. Guessing the 12 hrs and perhaps a different model most likely.
I only run the GFS model.  Mainly because I am far more lazy than @Herman! I don't have 4 hours to spend and his detail is really quite staggering, whereas I am only doing broad strokes routing. 

Certainly not the way I would do it in pre-race prep and in race nav.  This is all just for fun. 

And to clog up the thread for @Roleur so he has to dredge though more dross!


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wow,   ..what a map. .....  and whose now in which position......its quite amazing

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 1.38.24 pm.png



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Yes, normal behavior is a polite request and an immediate hospitable welcome and advice as to a sensible place to anchor.
I'm a few days behind in reading this, so it could have been addressed already.  But anchoring is avoided as much as possible by the sailors themselves.  Dragging an anchor and warp, capable of safely holding a 60' IMOCA, from below, deploying it, setting it (IIRC Bernard Stamm was disqualified from an earlier VG because he received assistance saving his boat when the anchor dragged), then retrieving it without a winch and stowing it again, all solo, is an enormous expenditure of effort.

Apart from that, this is the Australian Government they are dealing with, and [purp]they don't like people arriving by boats without following the correct channels!  [/purp]


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Thanks much for posting this Cite. The photographs by the RAF were superb. Most interesting was the the statement that, in addition to the threats (noted earlier BY ME IN ANOTHER THREAD DRIFT)to penguins nesting on shore South Georgia Island and the pelagic at sea that feed on the krill offshore with the A68 bottoming out , the iceberg is shedding off freshwater at the average melting rate of 2.5cm/day,  and over the course will shed the equivalent of 12 times the outflow of the Thames. 

Sigh... not bitching about those expressing concern for the oceans and the planet (I think very few people are completely not concerned for the oceans and the planet). Sorry if you thought that was the gist of my reaction... which I'd have been smart to not even make.

I am bitching about those that throw the fishing industry under the bus, which makes no sense. If there's one industry (at least in the west) that has been very keenly aware of the environmental challenges of managing ocean resources its the fishing industry, it took some time decades ago, but for years now they have been working very closely with scientists (at least in france) to monitor and understand the resources, to better tailor sustainable quotas and fishing periods. Fisherman are very aware that is the only way to sustain their livelihood and way of life. One thing that hasn't changed is that fishing is often a tough job, even today.

No prob... :)
You must be living in an alternate universe. Goops, no, you live in France, al alternate fishing reality. In fact, there are fishermen all over the world who have consistently, repeat4dly fished out species even though it meant the ultimate end of their livelihood. Why? Because, like many politicians, they are only thinking about today, or the immediate tomorrow. A crude but personal example is a sadly not uncommon one. I was scuba diving with a dive guide, who was Australian, at about 60 feet on a reef in Rabaul, PNC, when suddenly KABOOM! I thought my eardrums were blowing out. It was a very loud sound, and the surrounding water pulsated. My guide and I looked at 4ach other and he, nodding, used his hands to make the universal "had slowly to the surface" signs. Once there, I said, probably, "what the fuck was that? and he said, motioning to  a flat metal boat nearby with an outboard motor, "they are dynamiting the reef for fish." We had the well- recognized, and particularly in that  popular dive area, red divers flag bogging on the surface. Nevertheless, it had been "bombs away." Notwitstanding the fact that such actions would not only destroy part of the reef, a well as many of the fish in th area they may have intended to catch. and it would drive away income from divers and fishermen from the area, the practice continued. 

You know who you are.

If you follow this race at all and have any knowledge about its history you must know about the many totally unpredictable but very serious risks a skipper must accept over which he/she has no control, yet you, if you downvote this post, presumably feel that same skipper must be prevented from evaluating for himself or herself, the risk of colliding with ice, when every year better and better information is available about where there is iceberg risk, and in previous editions ice limits were either non-existent of less restrictive. The present ice line is heavily distorting race tactics and I found it more interesting before.
I can understand if a person has a different viewpoint from mine and wants to express a different opinion but I fail to understand the mentality of someone who downvotes this post and makes no comment.

What do you hope to achieve?
Do you seriously give a shit about "down votes"? Are you putting you posts on your resume with a tabulation of your "Likes"? Some of you don't have enough to do if you care, and keep track, of this stuff.



What makes this race boring is not having a live tracker. With a live tracker, even drifters can become compelling.

As it is, there's lots to grab interest. Georgia Island can be interesting. Models can be interesting. Ugly bows, even. Toothless wonders. etc.

Big difference between "The race is boring" or  "I am bored by the race." Easy choice. 
You Probably already know this, as it has been posted here.

Just in case, here the link to the Marine Traffic website:

There is no data, but updates are much more frequent, I find it useful to follow the race and, you say, it makes it more interesting

EDIT: I'm a 'Member' now! This is going to be a great Christmas ;)

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Do you seriously give a shit about "down votes"? Are you putting you posts on your resume with a tabulation of your "Likes"? Some of you don't have enough to do if you care, and keep track, of this stuff.
Ha Ha! Likes? No.
Its the down-votes which are far more fun. Communicating with "environmentalists", especially the well-off, entitled, virtue signalling ones, is like stirring up a bunch of rattlesnakes with a long stick. Its the down-vote button that gives them away. Can you imagine an Anarchist using a down-vote button!
You seem to be a prime example; was it not you boasting about scuba diving, 40 years, all over the world? Forgive me if I assume you used fossil fuels for your travel, and if I assume your dive compressors were not solar powered, or that  dive boat might not have been powered entirely by flax sails.
The guy with his stick of dynamite is probably poor and, if indeed I did care about "the planet", probably does less damage than you and I think its funny if you got frightened. A kid who doesn't like someone else playing in his sand pit.



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I hope Louis Burton is confident in his repairs. He is about to get 35 knots fwd of the beam with no room under his lee to the ice gate.



Boris chatting to some of the other IMOCA skippers on Christmas Eve.



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Merry Christmas Imoca skippers and fans. I sure like the move by Charlie Dalin hugging the AEZ. Peace.



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Sask Canada
To all you losers ashore and afloat (well, 32 + 1 lucky loser afloat)

Merry Christmas. Hope your WIFI can handle the virtual get-togethers.

As Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X, said:

"A plague without wifi would be truly horrible."



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Happy Christmas to all true Sailing Anarchists. The book for Christmas reading for anarchists by the seafarer's favourite author.

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