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So what's the story with AIS satellite detection? From a quick google it sounds less reliable.
It’s mainly for SAR/dead zone & works best with AIS A - AIS B just doesn’t have enough wattage the reliability is low. 

er.... mine isn't. and if you watch pips video from today neither is hers. 
Okay? How tall is your VHF antenna? What’s your transporter model?



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How good is that to be able to catch up with Alex and the boat everyday. Kudos to the Boss team as their tracker and info is welcomed when you compare what comes out of the Vendee site
The main event site is very thin on content.

Why not be a hub for the team's content and consolidate all the feeds there?


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Apivia has put in another gybe to the west to increase separation with Theta - seems like a smart move to me.  I hope everyone makes it through OK.



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Apivia goes west early, also adding in some speed. Someone with the windy conversion should be able to tell if he follows a change in wind waves.
Looks like Alex wants to know it, most south of them. JLC 30nm back and ever so lightly drifting west, basically following Alex.

The middle of the fleet is in the hole, slow boating at 8ish knots.
Pips next video should be good, almost hunting foilers. :D  Ok, not really, 25-36nm to the group of 4 south of her. Looking at the ranking 7 non foilers in front and 6 behind her. Not bad!



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I've had issues with the developer, but his work is NOT shit. Last time round he switched to the Windy animations, got permission from Remora to add projected routes, posted here and taken feedback. 

Yes . .  much more is possible. Try contacting him politely, and see if he'll implement your suggestions . He has in the past.
I didn't mentioned the developer or interface, in fact Geovoile did/does a good work, as you mention (the windy fluid animations instead of the bloody arrows, etc.).

My critique is about the poor data shown... in the best solo oceanic historic race in this era 2020/21 (almost no data TWD, TWA, SOG, COG, etc... who fcking cares about km/h!!),

and the poor eternal updates (6 in 24 hours!)  :ph34r: At least HUGO BOSS's Hub updates 24 times daily (each hour)



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AT now also has the advantage of being able to cover anyone to the west regardless of how the storm moves in the coming days. 

Got a fast boat. Put it in the right place. Comfortable position to be. 



23 Good assessment of Theta from 0300gmt Nov 13 (Discussion) for ease of access.

WTNT45 KNHC 130252

Tropical Storm Theta Discussion Number 13
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL302020
300 AM GMT Fri Nov 13 2020

The structure of Theta has been waxing and waning today with
moderate convection attempting to wrap around the center, though the
coldest cloud tops have been decaying before wrapping fully around.
Earlier, there was a 2222 UTC partial ASCAT-B pass that showed peak
winds of 40-45 kt on the south side of Theta. However the highest
winds from this instrument the previous two nights were in the
southwest quadrant and it is estimated that higher winds may still
exist in this quadrant of Theta. For this reason, the latest
intensity estimate is only adjusted downward to 50 kt for this

Theta continues to track east at 090/12 kt as the system remains
steered by flow along the north side of a mid-level ridge. This
ridge is forecast to gradually weaken over the next 24-36 h and
Theta is forecast to bend to the east-southeast as the cyclone
becomes more influenced by mid-level northerly flow associated with
an upstream ridge building to the northwest. After 36 h, Theta is
expected to slow down significantly as it becomes a shallow cyclone
in light low-level flow. Finally, low-level southerly flow ahead of
a mid-latitude cyclone is forecast to steer Theta's remnant low
northeastward by the end of the forecast. The track guidance this
cycle has shifted a bit southward for the first part of the
forecast, and the official NHC track forecast has been adjusted
slightly further south, close to the reliable ICVN consensus.

Thus far, Theta has been struggling to produce deep convection that
has successfully wrapped around its center. While Vertical Wind
Shear is forecast to decrease per ECMWF-SHIPS guidance over the next
12-24 h, it remains to be seen if the current degree of instability
is enough for Theta to take advantage of the more conducive wind
environment. Thereafter, Vertical Wind Shear increases sharply from
the north, importing a much more stable environment over Theta. For
now, the latest NHC intensity forecast maintains the current 50 kt
intensity over the next 24 h with weakening forecasted thereafter,
in general agreement with the latest intensity guidance.


INIT 13/0300Z 31.7N 26.0W 50 KT 60 MPH
12H 13/1200Z 31.7N 24.2W 50 KT 60 MPH
24H 14/0000Z 31.4N 22.1W 50 KT 60 MPH
36H 14/1200Z 31.0N 20.4W 45 KT 50 MPH
48H 15/0000Z 30.8N 19.2W 40 KT 45 MPH
60H 15/1200Z 30.8N 18.6W 30 KT 35 MPH
72H 16/0000Z 31.2N 18.5W 30 KT 35 MPH...POST-TROP/REMNT LOW
96H 17/0000Z 34.3N 18.2W 25 KT 30 MPH...POST-TROP/REMNT LOW
120H 18/0000Z...DISSIPATED

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It's 2020 and the greatest Ocean race in the world and they dish up cave man data tracking.! Is this a French thing or a money thing? Or a dumb thing?  :D
Exactly, lets say maybe both ... a dumb french fried thing... :) ... As far as I know (not much) Race HQ receive the boat positions every 30.min (or also live I think), is not a money problem, not to enhance the audience!, maybe more politics/protocols, and less amount of stress for everyone (in employees at the office HQs and in the sailors at sea...)

Not sure when the bigBrother live thing will definitively arrive, maybe in 2024, ALEX and HB have opened the path (once again)

It’s mainly for SAR/dead zone & works best with AIS A - AIS B just doesn’t have enough wattage the reliability is low. 

Okay? How tall is your VHF antenna? What’s your transporter model?
Why? you think I'll be impressed with a theoretical line of sight calculation? I've talked to tankers in the atlantic and med when they got within VHF coms range who had me at 30+ miles. I receive often up to 70miles  I know the theory. I also have real world ocean sailing experience. 

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How often the tracker updates is decided by the race. Geovoile does what the VG wants.
Other races are live, or as a feature of some round island races on a delay so that the back fleet does not see on their phones what the big boats did.
Additional data like wind usually does not get transmitted. That was mainly VOR feature. The YB3i used by the VG can do it but that is getting deep into performance data.



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THIS, AT+HB+NOKIA BellLabs (24 updates / day)

ATHBNOKIABELLLABS.jpg            OFFICIAL VG RACE 2020  (6 bloody updates / day)

VS    VGtracker.jpg

BRAVO RACE ORG !! and with a tropical depression in the nose!! MERCI a tous !! 

Lets send some natural and tasty breakfast cookies to race HQ with the morning coffee...

BONJOUR a TOUS!! RhinoCookies1.gif

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Theta is a great name for this storm system.

In the financial markets “Theta” is one of the first level greek calculations of the Options world. It refers to ‘Time’, and specifically ‘Time decay’. The closer to option expiry, the greater the time decay. The euphemism is ‘Tooth’, because the symbol is ‘T’ and matches the well known term “Tooth decay”. 

Anyway, Theta = Time decay.

Miss the slingshot from this system and that’s what will happen to the fleet. 


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Those of you who have a little more to do with the sailors.  How much time would the guys in the better funded teams (Hugo Boss, Charal etc) who have known for the last 3 years that they had sponsors in place and were well enough funded to have "people" doing stuff for them have spent sitting in front of the computer for the last few years virtual racing themselves?
I saw Ian Lipinsky and Gabart on VR yesterday