Viko Yachts

J88 Alchemy

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Hi All,

Happy Labor Day. I'm looking for some input / feedback on Viko Yachts, specifically the S21, S22, and S26.
  • How well do these boats perform?
  • Overall quality of construction?
  • How / where can I buy one?
  • Any used boats out there?
  • Any other comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated.


P.S. I wish they were still building the Saphire 27 - I would order one!

Grande Mastere Dreade

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a little taper on the rear end would be nice, it looks like someone just cut the stern off



I can see from the pic above that the footrest is perfect for the woman sailing, but the guy would have his knees way up if he used it while at the helm. Looks like a big boat until you see how small it is. There might be some room to weekend on it, but it looks like a daysailor with too much extra something that doesn’t make it what it might appear to be on a computer screen, like a nice cruising boat.

I do like the Barney post and bridle setup for simplicity and ease of use.


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If memory serves me correctly, these boats are pretty good, but I usually rent Fort Lauderdale yacht charters for my needs and favors. They are great for fishing and recreation, but honestly, if you want to rent a boat specifically for fishing, you should look into better options. The boats are mostly suitable for deep-sea diving or beautiful vacations. Although if you have all the equipment and things for fishing, then the yacht will suit you fine too.