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Here's my .02 based on watching the in port.

- More Macro birds eye coverage. The primary shots should be of the whole fleet starting and following upwind on the ladder line of the lead boats. This way you get an instant vantage point of relative positions upwind, with commentary focused on leverage gains/losses due to pressure & shifts up the beat. forget the close ups and on board. We all know whats going on on board for the most part. Save the close ups for wipe outs only.

- Somehow display (accurate) speed, heading and boat name for each boat to the live feed. The tracker sucks!

- when the lead boats round the gates, FOLLOW THEM! I was yelling at the screen continuously at the coverage of each weather gate where they waited till the last boat rounded!

- Get a seasoned VOR sailor behind the mic, loose the false excitement, tell us only what we can't see.

hoping they do better next go around, lots of room for improvement.

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we'll have the re-start on the front page on Saturday morning, and anyone at the Annapolis boat show should come by the Musto booth for bloodies and mimosas and VOR on the 70" screen at 8 AM.



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To lazy to use the search or Google, who were the commentators?

Agreed, it just turned into scream fest at times.
Olympic silver medalist Mark Covell was the color guy, who was good when he wasn't being shouted over, and who is quite brilliant at communicating and an asset to any organization. I think he was overwhelmed by the other guy and the fact that they had almost zero information in the booth.

I've just confirmed my trip to Cape Town and can guarantee it will be a lot better.
Thanks Clean, So who was the guy shouting?



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I just assumed the lack of onboard action was because of TV rights. Watch a mid-90's F1 race and compare it to today's coverage...there's one reason why the Evile Dwarf is running Formula One...

Can anyone explain why they didn't all have the kite up furled as they arrived at the WW mark?

I can't believe it's because they're a bunch of fucking hacks who haven't got their shit together.

SCA was the most blatantly guilty of that sin, but not alone. Like F1, the SECOND race is usually more telling than the first.

The girls got into a bad habit, we'll see in the second race if they broke it.


....whatever changes are made in coverage and commentary would of course be welcome,but let's face it folks it's sailboat racing--probably the most difficult to cover,,,and let's face it when would SA as a group -ever- be satisfied!? A case in point would be all the calls for on-boat coverage in the live feed!!--how on earth could they edit multiple feeds of multiple boats and keep it live!? I'm sure all those onboard coverage will be useful in making some compelling coverage to fill-in the general coverage of the race,,and help the quiet times become more interesting.

...Again I say -any- changes are made in coverage and commentary would be welcome,,but let's face it will we on SA -ever- be satisfied?

... the komisch commentator was also hilarious,,,gave us much to talk and laugh about in what would have otherwise just have been.......... a.sailboat.race.
The same way they edit multiple feeds of other cameras (helis+chaseboat),?
.......what go from editing ~3 feeds to editing over 20!?....what's the point in making a relatively expensive or even impossible request?....perhaps adding 1 or 2 feeds would be an improvement but then SAers would complain about their placement and the editing priorities :mellow:
As Clean said in his editorial, either VOR step up or they stop claiming they are a show. Be it in car racing, motorcycling and now even cycling, producers have to deal with massive information and get the best out of it. It's not about pleasing everybody, but trying NOT to displease almost everybody.

We all understand that VOR wanted to cut costs and that is why they ended up with a crappy live product. (In other words, it's not that it is impossible, it's that they don't want to pay the price.) They would have been better off recording all the data they could during the race and produce a "highlights" show without any live broadcast.

Actually, on a very low budget they could have had a "live" show that was actually an excuse for a preview of the main event. Primarily pre-recorded canned interviews, background and fluff pieces, which seems to be what they are more interested in selling. Occasionally cut back to highlights of the live action.

Maybe they can tell us what is in everyone's kit bag....


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