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Unfortunately VR already cheated you out of checking any overall rankings with their idea to have leg 11 as a standalone leg and not announcing that fact. You could have checked the overall rankings after 10 legs when leg 10 leg closed and before it disappeared. Now you are left with the hope for a time travel machine to go back in time. I guess that is called customer binding to a brand in modern marketing.

@Your Mom had an rather interesting (and sadly quite probably true) explaination in the Zezo forum for the standalone leg 11: The prize for the overall winner of the VVOR was a trip to the finish of leg 11 in Scheveningen. I think you get the drift of the implications that such a winning prize presents ;)
Oh, thanks for the explanation, I had guessed that it was a glitch in the update.....  Oh well.

T-Rat you had me for the 4th overall all the way up to that grounding, thanks to you and shorty for your efforts. The competition within this group has really stepped it up way to go guys and girls! Looking forward to the next trip around after some time off.





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Hmm..thanks for the "overall" explanation. That is the last $$ I send to them. I always enjoyed printing out my certificate of my overall finish and posting it in the garage/man cave. My last one was 13,372. 

 I know the competition here brought my game up a lot. I got pissed off with 5,xxx finishes in this round and being 40 out of 78 in the SA crowd, but it showed the elite level of competition in this group.

Fuck those frenchie bitches (VORG organizers!) on this round for not giving us an 'overall'....but thanks to the scorers on SA for doing the spreadsheets! 

All that really matters is that I made a few places on @GrandbendOnt in the last leg and beat him fair and square. @GrandbendOnt, if you ever come to Solomons, MD, drinks, sailing and shit are on me! B)

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Although I was not a player of the Game I kept up on this thread.

You all did a great job. Don't know how you found the time.

Your Mom is incredibly selfless in helping everyone. Tunnel Rat and Shorty , well done as a great community service.


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