VOR 2017-18


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Team pressure to take the sting out of that long leg I suspect with no in port racing.
As I understand it the Race Direction have always been looking for this solution, it just took this long to get it sorted.
Potter I agree..Just took them a while to grind a good financial deal out of the Victorian Government for this pitstop...Well played Mr Turner.

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It goes so unusual, that even professionals don't know what actually happen.
it is short notice, high aspect and higher criteria.
and private and confidential agreements for all involved.
we/you are to be only observer for this and probably next races



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I can only see progress for women in this race in one of two ways.
1) Someone steps above the parapet and get a project up and running as project leader and appoints a female skipper. How about Dee Caffari having a go with a UK team? She has been making noise about women in this sport, has sailed in several legs of the last VOR, and has managed to secure sponsors for projects before.). The boat could have a couple of token male crew members, e.g. a "grinder" or two!
2) Women should boycott the event! Make em all race with a crerw of 7! Show the men you can't be manipulated.

Otherwise its back to the bad old days of complete male dominance, even worse than before, with "token women" only included because of a pc rule!