VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

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i've been getting a lot of alerts with Akzo corporate stuff.  "Headwinds in our marine division" cited as one of the reasons they missed earning so bad, and still smarting from the whole PPG deal and associated expenses and PR hangover.  Interesting days ahead.
True, they are still under a lot of pressure. Much of the top management has been replaced and PPG might come back with an offer early next year. And AkzoNobel are now in new merger talks with another smaller American paint company: 




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Race summary video, week 3:

"In this week's race summary we look at:
- The Volvo Ocean Race Leg 1 
- Break of sail pin onboard Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag  
- Fight between team AkzoNobel and Dongfeng Race Team for third position
- Fight between Team Brunel and Turn the Tide on Plastic for sixth position
- The great result of Vestas 11th Hour Racing
- The unconventional crossing of the finish line by Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag"


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Great video through the straits.  I was watching the TTOP J2, seemed hooked inboard and was wondering if anybody barber hauled it out with the strut.  Then noticed Vestus doing exactly that. Cool stuff.



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 Scallywag's reported bulb gouge, (according to j-funk) may. require a haul out, (maybe) or might be repaired in the water. I wonder how an in the water repair might be done and if it will be good enough that it does not slow them down. Drama. Pins and needles. Inquiring mind(s).

Really just trying to avoid seeing other depressing news and political chaos elsewhere. (everywhere)
I haven't seen any official reports on damage....there's no mentioning it. Not even in the interview with Witty about Leg 1.  Until I see some photos or official reports on it, it didn't happen :)



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Good review of the strategy of leg 1 by Mark Chisnell  http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/news/10221_Leg-1-Strategic-Review.html


There’s an old rule in sailing strategy; always head for the headland and it worked here for Vestas 11th Hour Racing and AkzoNobel. The wind always bends and compresses around headlands, and there are reliable gains to be made by sailing into that shifted and stronger breeze. The next headland represented the new breeze – the next move, the next gain – and it was the right choice to sail towards it, rather than to try to hold onto the wind from the previous headland, Cabo de Gata. Round one to Vestas 11th Hour Racing and Akzo Nobel.
Also, Libby Greenhalgh has a B&G sponsored blog (bookmarked) https://bandg.com/volvo-ocean-race-exclusive-libby-greenhalgh-blog/

snippet from https://bandg.com/volvo-ocean-race-2017/volvo-ocean-race-course-overview/

The sail-locker has been expanded to include a J0 a light upwind jib and a fast reaching sail for medium to fresh conditions. It slots in-between the J1 and MH0 (Masthead Zero), which has been made flatter and slightly smaller. With the recent light to moderate winds on Leg0 and the Prologue race I am sure the teams have been working hard to fine tune where the crossovers are on this sail and there will definitely be an edge to have here, with teams that identify this sooner.
Pretty good reading. 


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