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VX Raceboats Ltd. (Formerly Bennett Yachting, Inc.), Vela Sailing Supply, Inc, and Streamline Marine, LLC announced today a new format for the distribution and sales of VX sailboats in the United States with an eye towards simplifying the distribution process, providing world class service and support, and ultimately getting more boats on the water.
The VX One
Streamline has become the exclusive distributor of the VX One in the US, with Vela Sailing Supply acting as an additional dealer. Formed by class members in 2020, Streamline Marine plans to regularly import boats to keep an inventory of new boats and parts in the US, while also providing top quality service, rigging, and repair work at their facility in Portsmouth, RI. The VX One was the winner of the 2012 Sailing World 'Overall Boat of the Year' and 'Best One Design' as well as Sail Magazine’s 2012 'Best Boat' award. The VX One is a robust, easy to sail, high performance 19’ sportboat that is highly responsive and powerful, which delights top level sailors and families alike. VX Ones are built by Ovington Boats of Great Britain and MacKay Boats of New Zealand.
“After being completely hooked from the first time I ever set foot on the boat, we are excited to become more involved with this fantastic boat and provide top notch support to the VX One family” stated Ian Maccini. Hayden Bennett responded, “I have loved being a part of the development of both boats while working alongside my father. It has been unbelievably rewarding. Now, with Streamline and the new team, I could not be more excited about the direction both classes are heading.”
The VX Evo
Vela Sailing Supply has become the exclusive distributor of the VX Evo in the US, with Streamline Marine acting as an additional dealer. Vela Sailing Supply has been heavily involved with both the VX One and VX Evo from the very beginning and are directly responsible for the extreme growth of the VX Evo class in the southern United States. Streamline looks forward to helping Vela Sailing Supply grow the class around the country. The VX Evo is the ultimate singlehanded dinghy aimed to the performance oriented sailor who wants to step up their sailing skills and enjoy a fun sportboat. It was the 2016 Sailing World ‘Sailing Dinghy of the Year’ and provides excitement for sailors of all ages.
Rod Favela, of Vela Sailing Supply stated, “As a VX One sailor and enthusiast, I could not be happier and more excited to join forces with such a great team of sailors and businessmen as Streamline. Together, and with the help and support of sportboat enthusiasts, the VX One and VX Evo will do nothing but grow and become the default boats in their categories. Energy, support and hard work are the fundamental principles in which these two companies are founded on, and I can’t wait to see how far we will take these two phenomenal sailing boats. Come be a part of these growing classes and experience the best sailing has to offer.”
Both the VX One and the VX Evo continue to rapidly grow worldwide and have an exciting future as the premier sportboats on the market. All parties involved are excited to be working together to deliver the best possible experience to VX owners and sailors throughout the United States.
Brian Bennett, the designer of both the VX One and VX Evo noted, “With Streamline and Vela now spearheading sales, distribution, and support of the One and Evo in the USA we are fortunate to have a group of enthusiastic, dedicated professionals supporting these two growing classes. Ian, Hayden, Bob, and Rod not only sail and compete in the One and Evo, but know the boats intimately and how to get the most out of them. Our customers will be well served without question by their experience, dedication, and friendly approach.” 




VX Raceboats Ltd. is owned and operated by New Zealander Brian Bennett. Now working from “the top of the South” in NZ, Brian handles all interaction with our two builders and component manufacturers to maintain the overall high quality of VX products.
All inquiries should be directed to [email protected]
Streamline Marine was formed by class members Hayden Bennett, Ian Maccini, and Bob Maccini to maximize the growth of the VX One in the US by providing direct access to new boats, parts, rigging, and service work. Hayden has been involved with VXs from the beginning as the son of VX designer Brian and past service manager for Bennett Yachting, while Ian worked alongside Brian and Hayden during Bennett Yachting’s time as the distributor for VX Ones in the US, and currently manages media and marketing for the VX One class association. Based in Portsmouth, RI, Streamline is committed to providing world class sales, service, and support to VX sailors across the country. More information can be found at www.vxone.com.
All inquiries should be directed to [email protected]
Vela Sailing Supply, Inc. started in late 2011, aims to offer solutions to sailors of all types and backgrounds through equipment sales and technical support in an affordable and friendly way. Based in Rockwall, TX, Vela sources products from the best manufacturers in the sailing industry, including hardware, sails, and personal equipment. Their involvement with the VX One started in early 2012 when Brian Bennett and Bennett Yachting, Inc. launched the first boats and have since been fully involved in supporting the class and sailors on and off the water. Vela offers a comprehensive line of products and knowledge about the VX One, thereby positioning itself as the best source of support for VX One sailors. At a later date, Vela Sailing added the VX Evo to its line of products in order to offer the singlehanded sailor a similar experience to that of the VX One. With its knowledge, history and presence in the sailing industry, Vela Sailing Supply ensures the continued success of the VX One and Evo.
All inquiries should be directed to [email protected] 


Does anyone have a US Portsmouth Handicap number for the VX EVO?

We have one registered for the Mug Race in Florida, 38+ miles up the St. Johns River with perhaps 100 boats from small to cruising, slow to foiling.

We use DPN as the wind will change during the up to 12 hours that it takes to sail the course.

One manufacturers rep suggested 88. Sounds about right for the big rig. What say you???

Dave Ellis

Race Committee Portsmouth Guesser

A VX Evo raced in the Mug Race in 2018 with a Portsmouth Rating of 83. Don’t know how they did.
Forgot about that. Nice fellow. He finished with two of the Raiders. 

There was a non-spinnaker Raider that finished well ahead. Won the 88-boat fleet on handicap by 25 minutes over second place, a cruising boat. Guess who.

Weird wind year that had the catamarans becalmed at the halfway point. eh eh.

Dave Ellis

After comments from several sources, we are going with an 84 handicap for the EVO. 

This skipper has had three years to hone his skills in the boat since the 2018 Mug Race where he had an 83. So a little bump should make him happy, eh.



Not much has changed, we are expecting a shipment of boats in October and the tooling for the keel base has not been refined yet. The prototype keel is perfect as a blade, but the securing part of the deal is not finished and is crucial to avoid pendulum effect of the bulb at the daggerboard trunk. 

I'll report as soon as we have more progress.



New member
Yes , you can see on the pic a D-One, an RS 500 and an RS 700, and a vx evo of course.

Downwind the Vx EVO goes as fast as the D-One. 

One the other hand, up wind,  D-one is more efficient.

But, my VX evo is more stable ! (and so mutch elegant ;)  )

So  I finally got my act together and jumped on the Evo to race. # of them have gone through the shop since September, but got sold before I can actual go out and race it.We loaded the truck, hooked the dolly/trailer combo and hit the road South to Canyon Lake for the 2017 Wurstfest Regatta. I raced it on Portsmouth and it was light air racing both days. 

The boat is great, stable and very darn quick. I have not sailed it in medium or even heavy air yet, but so fat  it is way beyond my expectations.

Here are some shots:

View attachment 249172
does it have a keel or no?



Yes , you can see on the pic a D-One, an RS 500 and an RS 700, and a vx evo of course.

Downwind the Vx EVO goes as fast as the D-One. 

One the other hand, up wind,  D-one is more efficient.

But, my VX evo is more stable ! (and so mutch elegant ;)  )
Thank you!

I do need to say I  agree on the "elegant" part  :)


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