Wanting to Buy 1/4 tonner or less,


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J-22, J-24, Santana 20.  Keep in mind, these are sailboats, not summer cottages.  (Which is to say Not luxury travel trailers on “keels.”)OM
The J-22 is my boat of choice.  The Santana 20 is also a great suggestion.  My dad had #5, great boat.  

Thanks, very thoughtful.


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there is a fine 1/4 tonner for sale in SF. 

 http://histoiredeshalfs.com/Quarter Tonner/Q Summertime Dream.htm

Designed by Carl Schumacher and Build by Dennis Choate in 1979.  It's the boat you'd want.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 8.57.34 AM.png

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Cheap & plentiful too - they made well over 1000 of them.

My custom Kirby QT was a development of the SJ24 - great performer and lots of just plain fun to sail.


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Santana 23D.

All day, every day. Will sail rings around every boat mentioned so far except possibly a well-sailed J24, will sail rings around them in light air and will -usually- beat them upwind. Tuned up with decent sails, points like a tourist.

The problem is finding one that isn't having the deck fall apart; but that's also an issue with any other 1970s boat. If you get a J-22 that's been raced recently, it's likely that somebody has paid attention to the bit needing it.




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does that thing have a prodder? I guess much more modern that the 1/4 tonner variety.. (edit. nope. that would be the 2023).

all the other 4ksb listed here sell for pretty much the same price - near free - so it's just a matter of finding a nice example. of something.

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J24, most uncomfortable boat ever built, unless you are the driver.

J80 is a very fine all around boat.


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A boat that makes me smile going upwind.  Recommendations are very much appreciated.
Any additional criteria other than that?  If not, J/22 or J/80 fit the bill.

But if you want something you can somewhat comfortably weekend, there is the Martin 242.  Mainly found in BC and SoCal as an OD class, but I believe a smaller number of them reside on Lake Ontario.  Quick on all points of sail and loves light air. https://www.boats.com/reviews/a-wolf-in-wolfs-clothing/


LB 15

Yes - they were called Mini-Tonners
We called them 'Micro tonners' here in Aus. The JOG fleet was huge back in the day. I owned a Admiral 21 that we did 220 hundred mile offshore races in. When we finished one race a couple of guys that we knew sailing on the Maxi Apollo can over to have a beer with us and after looking down below one said 'if you sentenced criminals to live in that thing there would be outrage.'