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thoughts,  no particular order:

2) Pretty good camera work and Look. Artful & attractive.

4) Why isn't she hanging on to the jib sheet in the cat sequence - it's more comfortable, even but mainly it would have her DO something other than drape her ass on the scenery.   But for a little technical advisory that wouldn't be half-bad.

3) THIS is how THEY see us.    (the outside world,  of sailors - notice everything is clean)

1) The First Thing female crew do is contain her long hair when sailing or on the bike - having that stuff out waving around makes for better pictures,  I guess, but it's as bad as wearing a cape for your Superhero gig.  On the charter boat, maybe but no way trimming winches or on the cat.

6) We've seen worse.  

6) Hey!  where'd the outboard go?



Super Anarchist
This video is cringey as heck when it comes to the interaction between the guy and his dream crew. 

The aerial video sequences of the keelboat sailing are nice.

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The take-away is that she didn't touch him until they were on the more expensive boat.

Should've been full-on hard-core XXX


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