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Crank Boy

Super Anarchist
Just registered. . . I have lurked here for quite sometime. Love these forums!!

I have sailed my whole life. BUt being from Indiana originally I did not do it seriously until I moved to Seattle about three years ago. I love it here and I love sailing even more. Thanks to all the great contributors. Any Seattle folk here feel free to PM me . I would love to say hi to you at a Duck Dodge.

Who do I contact for suggestions for the forum? It would be nice to be able to see a persons home city under their avatar. Just a thought. Another forum i used to post on did that and I kinda miss it here.



Welcome to SA, Cranker. Post your suggestions to Dawg or the Ed in the FAQ forum. Keep reading, jump in anytime, especially if you have something worthwhile to add. Oh wait, this is Anarchy! Forget that last comment....

BTW, I am a Chesapeake guy. Can't wait to come out to sail in the PNW.