West Marine Has No F'N Dyneema??????


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One of my SOPs on a delivery is to splice up 3/16" or 1/4" dyneema Jack lines. I use them for about 3 weeks at sea and toss them. A tad pricey, but I know the jack line will not fail. With a transAt scheduled for next week I went to my local WM to buy 200'.

WEST MARINE HAS NO !@#$ DYNEEMA! I contacted the PRO rep yesterday who did a special order for me, it was supposed to arrive in 2days ---- But this morning the computer spit out a back-order email. It seems there is no dyneema in all of FLA.

Anyone else having an issue getting unjacketed dyneema?


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First stop throwing away the jack lines after only 3 weeks of use. Unless there is wear on them that is not even close to the life of bare dyneema in sunlight. Check with local rigging shops, we have atleast 4-5 in Newport who i bet have what you need. You could also reach out to the manufacturers directly or check their websites for vendors. Lastly I would recommend covering them if you are getting the type of chafe that requires replacement so often.


Many of us have uncovered sections of Dynema halyards on our race boats and get five seasons from them, sometimes trying for more.

How long does Dyneema last in the sun?

Dyneema itself is quite UV resistant. Coligo has tested the Dux version (the most recent and lowest stretch dyneema ) for 5 years in the tropics with no discernible deterioration in strength. They're warranteeing it for 5 years against UV, I think, but it will probably last much longer.Mar 22, 2014


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YOU can use dyneema as long as YOU like. My cost for dyneema to splice new jack lines is about $150. As a delivery guy, my ass and those of most of my deck hands is worth more than that...

Keep in mind I custom splice jacklines for the boat I am delivering. When I move a catamaran, there are jacklines to the bow of each hull AND the forestay. There is also one across the stern of the lower cockpit. I splice loops at strategic spots where French designers don't provide points to clip in.

So back to the original question---- anyone know why there seems to be a dyneema shortage?


Check the Ft Lauderdale store. They have a full rigging shop and huge rope selection. At least online, they show over 600' of 1/4" amsteel in gray.


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I doubt that the source of the Dyneema Shortage is a phalanx of delivery skippers making jacklines.

+1 to the "I'll buy your old ones" conversation.


So back to the original question---- anyone know why there seems to be a dyneema shortage?
Because west was created to sell New England Ropes and New England Ropes has had supply issues for years, and recent developments have only made things worse, perhaps?


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I always stock a spool of spectra Amsteel, dyneema whatever in each size I can find from 1 mm to 1/4”

We don’t sell much line, but I try to stock enough stuff so people at the yacht club down the street can sail TODAY with the right line.
My spool of 1/4 will probably take ten years to get used up.
If you are ever in a bind again, call me and I will run a chunk down to the UPS or FedEx place

Also, the West Marine Hub snd Blackburn Marine in Kemah each have pretty good stocks of many kinds of New England and Robline.