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Because I just couldn't resist.

Great little boat and little is in no way a pejorative.

Who has:

*sailed the fastest

*sailed furthest

*tried using a righting line after capsize

Pete, Watch the capsize recovery videos on the WETA site under tips for owners. Also some on You Tube. Righting line may not be necessary. If the water is deep enough it's " gonna turtle ". I think the WETA is so stable that you'd have to work hard to capsize. Happy Sailing, Knox


Pete Pollard

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Understood, I just don't want to stand on the board, I'm a lot heavier than Miranda.

Are you going to Spring Fever?



a couple guys in Australia travelled for 100? 200? miles, that must be among the longest expeditions so far, its in the weta website

does someone have an interesting expedition to share?

the double dammed also seems like a good sized long distance race


eric e

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for distance i seem to remember a father and son competing in an african lake safari raid, 500km?

or the above mentioned oz guys who sailed from down to cairns/ from the place a 100?klicks north

got to be some keen french guys too who have probably sailed the french med coast from spain to monaco

maybe miranda might

dig up the details..

for speed?

probably whatever daveB? peaked at on the double damned river blast

got to judge from the gps track as max speed readout prone to spikes

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De Nile
my kid was 8 at the time, she was driving and we were touching 14 knots. She put us into a gybe and while I had to hang on to avoid getting thrown off, the boat didn't flip, all was cool.

By myself 14 was common, but 15 was hard to get.

No need to stand on the daggerboard for very long once one of the amas is flooded. It pops right up.



In the 2011 Double Damned race Dave Bernstein and his crew hit over 19 knots in winds of 25-37 knots (see video at 4.14).

A few Wetas have been entered in the ~300 mile Everglades Challenge but none have finished it - yet.

I started a discussion on the Weta Forums as to what mods you could make to a Weta to make it more suitable for the EC.

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Pete Pollard

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I'm thinking about a "day box", something to keep loaded with essentials in case I decide to stay out overnight or get caught by bad weather.

Without putting too much thought into it:

*dried food of some sort


*bug spray and mosquito netting

*ultralight camp stove (I can't imagine waking up to no coffee!) instant coffee.

*seasonal clothing-I've sailed local waters for over forty years. There have been three for four sailing deaths, all attributed to hypothermia

Water (at least 1 gallon) cell phone and food for the day would be kept separately.