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Someone say something!

I'm beached 'til Tuesday at best. But the wind has been light so Tuesday I hope to load the SUP and practice with that in the morning, if the wind comes up I'll put the Weta in for an afternoon sail. Maybe I'll start sailing days with a weigh-in...

In the mean time, lots of warblers and raptors moving through; cat birds and brown trashers starting to nest. And mosquitoes..

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Pete Pollard

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Nationals in San Francisco.


3,000 miles one way. I don't see me making that kind of drive, alone, for one weekend of sailing.


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We're thinking of organising a WetaFest in Australia next year (between Nov-Feb 2014) which will include a distance race.

Fill in the survey here if you're interested in having a holiday down under instead of being snowed in for three months - we might hold it near WetaFest NZ so you can do both events.

I'd love to do something like the Townsville-Cairns trip too - although there's the saltwater crocodiles, Irukandji jellyfish, sharks and venomous snakes and spiders to consider ;-)

There's also the Peter Loft Marathon Race in May which is a 20Km race with a Le Mans start!



I'd also add

*Thermal bivvy sack


*Energy bars instead of dried food

*Stock cubes (emergency soup)

* Lighter (for the stove)

* Sunscreen

I'm thinking about a "day box", something to keep loaded with essentials in case I decide to stay out overnight or get caught by bad weather.

Without putting too much thought into it:

*dried food of some sort


*bug spray and mosquito netting

*ultralight camp stove (I can't imagine waking up to no coffee!) instant coffee.

*seasonal clothing-I've sailed local waters for over forty years. There have been three for four sailing deaths, all attributed to hypothermia

Water (at least 1 gallon) cell phone and food for the day would be kept separately.

Check out my latest clip of having fun on the Weta - this is me taking some kids out who were doing an introduction to sailing program at the local yacht club here in NZ. Usually I'm all about racing and get bored doing cruisy sails, but this was such a fun day and really reinforced for me why it's such a great boat!

It's all happening in Atlanta, Georgia.

After Mike Krantz and Knox Rodgers from Georgia chartered boats at WetaFest they were persuaded by the close racing and easy handling of the Weta to get off the fence and get into the Weta racing scene! They talked about it to a couple of friends and as a consequence we have had such strong interest that we have decided to drop a container in Atlanta, Georgia.

To support the new owners Weta Marine are going to put on a training camp with Randy Smyth at the Lake Lanier Sailing Club to help the fleet get up to speed! All Weta sailors are welcome to join in, watch wetamarine.com for details.

There are 6 boats still available from the 12 boat container, but they are going quickly so contact Jon Britt or Dick Hitchcock to book a spot!

Jon Britt
[email protected]

Dick Hitchcock
[email protected]




Weta 4.4 trimarans are swarming to Pittwater near Sydney over Easter


It’s official, Easter Race Day is Sunday 20-4-14. Everyone is welcome, as this is just a social race day, please be warned no prizes or trophy’s will be awarded and there is no entry fees. The aim is to get Weta racing happening in the Sydney area and have fun.

So if you’re new to sailing or just purchased a Weta, or even hoping to be on the next America’s cup yacht to represent Australia, don’t wait for the phone call just bring your Weta down and join in the fun.

We are launching from Bayview Park boat ramp. Next to the tennis courts on Pittwater Road (Nearest cross street is King Edward Ave).

Set up is at 9 – 9.30 am. Race brief will be at 10.30 am, and Race one starts at 11.45 am. The start line will be the jetty at Taylors Point (UBD map 118 H 1)

We have yet to decide whether it will be one long race or two shorter races, wind direction and weather permitting. For more information please call Peter DuRoss on 0418473868 or email at [email protected]

We will be sailing on other days over Easter so if you want to go match race practising or a leisurely sail give us a call. And we are race training every Sunday weather permitting so come down and practice you’re skills.