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Linda and Randy Adventure in the Gulf!

I took delivery of my new Weta from Dick this past weekend in Cedar Key and had a chance to take her out for her first sail while there, I am so thrilled with the boat!
Prior to that weekend, Randy and I had a great adventure! We had each borrowed a Weta (I used Cliff's boat and Randy sailed Mike Meade's boat) and sailed from Fort Walton Beach to Panama City with the intention of catching up with our Fort Walton Yacht Club spring cruise. What would have been about a 60 mile trip turned into 115 miles and 27 hours of non-stop sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The wind was 15-20 knots with higher gusts, but the direction was not as predicted, so we had to tack a lot. The seas built to 4-7 feet with occasional breakers and there was a very strong current against us. We found the boat handles these conditions very well with the main alone as it would have been very risky to try to take down a jib at night. With modifications, that process will be much safer and easier in the future. We both had dry suits on and all kinds of safety gear, so the main goal was to press on and avoid capsizing.

As we arrived in Panama City, we sat through an hour of squalls with heavy rain and in one case 40kts of wind. In the flat water of the bay, we were able to feather into the wind with little drama. The boat really responds well to the rudder. Needless to say, we were tired, but elated to arrive safely. I have to say, these are tough little boats! This experience gave me a huge boost in confidence in the boat for the Everglades Challenge! What an amazing training opportunity ...I'm stoked!!
Thanks very much for the sponsorship! That makes a world of difference. We'll be tweaking things here and there and will keep you posted.

All the best,

Linda Wright
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Pete Pollard

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I'm torn regarding the Everglades Challenge. I really have no desire to sail 300 miles, non-stop, in racing mode. However making the trip in a more leisurely mode has an appeal.

For those of you that have the experience, what is a reasonably range for a Weta sailing in daylight only? I'm guessing 60 miles is tops.

Sicilian Weta travels

Fausto Cuccinella, an Italian owner, is starting on his voyage around Sicily this week, as soon as the wind picks up a bit. Laurent met him in Dusseldorf this year, after an email forwarded by Chris, and decided to support his initiative with some free gear and putting him in contact with some Italian nautical journalists.

You can follow what he is up to on his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wetasicilia. He intends to post regular updates while doing his tour.


" Sending it on a WETA " What a great video! People can easily see the tremendous fun-potential and performance of the WETA. Also notice the excellent stability and straight-line tracking you get with three hulls. That's why I bought one! Soon to be delivered to Lake Lanier Sailing Club, Atlanta



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And, I just found out that on the evening of 6/21, PBYC is hosting a Luau and have invited the Wetas to join in the fun.


Jon Britt from Norbanks is hosting the Duck Cup again this year - June 7th and 8th - This looks fun! Plus Jon is the original importer of the Weta in the USA so at the very least you can get a few Weta tips!

Who is Welcome?

All Multihulls!!

What is the Course/Adventure?

2 distance races with both races starting and ending at Nor’Banks (competitors are welcome to just enter one day)
The Lighthouse Race from Nor’Banks to the Currituck Lighthouse and back to Nor’Banks on Saturday & The Bridge Race from Nor’Banks to the Wright Memorial Bridge and back to Nor’Banks on Sunday

How do I win the Coveted Duck Cup?

The Duck Cup will be awarded to the lowest corrected time over the 2-day’s races!
Daily Awards will be given for each race based on corrected time, first across the line and by class (5 boats!)
Based on entries, we reserve the right to run a High Portsmouth and Low Portsmouth Division.

What do I do? (Sailing Instructions)

Each day’s race will begin using a Le Mans Style Start at 11am. Starting order will be determined by random drawing on Saturday and on Sunday by your finish on Saturday. Each race will only have one (or two) marks and GPS coordinates will be given out on race day. Scoring will be done using the most current US Portsmouth Tables!


There is no chase boat or race committee. You will be responsible for your own safety!
We will be monitoring a phone line and radio on shore so we suggest bringing a cell phone and/or VHF Handheld.
We will supply charts for everyone and the entire race is in protected waters and can be navigated by line of sight!

What does it cost?

Entry Fees are $25/day

What is the Schedule?

Registration from 12-6

Registration from 8-10:00
Skippers Meeting at 10:00
Start at 11am
Cookout, Festivities and 1st Day Awards will be held at Nor’Banks afterwards until
Lori’s famous “beergaritas” are gone!!

Registration from 8-10:00
Skippers Meeting at 10:00
Start at 11am
Overall and 2nd Day Awards to follow Sunday’s racing at Nor’Banks

For more information on lodging, charter boats or anything else about the Duck Cup please contact Jon Britt at 252-202-6880 or [email protected]

Twice as Nice

Get on the boat, both of you, for the first Weta Doublehanded Nationals! Monterey Peninsula YC Doublehanded Nationals July 5th and 6th! That's right! Use both your hands, and bring a crew as well, (required by law).

To replace our waterless Huntington Lake annual social gathering, I have created this fun regatta for people who are not that serious about racing, and for those who are to give their ego's a break. No scavenger hunts but you will find plenty of dolphins, whales, sea lions. otters, and perhaps even Ann Marie swimming by (she likes to take a dip during races and get picked up by Hobie sailors, who we will be joining here again for a great July 4th weekend party). Note that this will be the Doublehanded Nationals! Everyone must TWO UP, or three or four, but not one. A dozen Donuts do not count! Babies do not count! Sea Lions may count. (Making up the rules here as I go along).

Come for one day or come for all, just come on up or down for moderate winds, blue water, abundant sea life, and fireworks on the water. Heck, we may not even keep score. This will be a super fun family friendly event, or bring your worst enemy and by the end of the first day, you will be bff's!

So many things to do in Monterey and nearby Carmel, and then there is the wonderful sailing! Winds in Monterey are a sea breeze typically in the 8-12 range. Launch from the beach, harbor boat ramp, or hoist. A gated area stores the boats for the night. The YC is smack dab on the water, and July 4th will have fireworks. Cliff will be bringing his yacht from Ft Walton for a dinner cruise... Okay, scratch that, but Fisherman's Wharf is on the other side of the harbor, so we can walk, or hitch a ride with Mac and the boys to Cannery Row.

This is a great opportunity to see some fresh faces on the water, and could be the biggest turnout of the year. Let's show Monterey what fun the Weta group is! Super location, Super RC, Yay!

JW - Weta 397

Accommodation: There are camp sites at the nearby Veterans Memorial Park

For more info check out the thread on the forum - https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Weta-Trimarans/conversations/topics/7165

Summer Sailstice and Weta Coaching Weekend - Ventura - http://www.summersailstice.com/event/weta-weekend-ventura-weta-coach-race-weekend-free

Hey Wetas,

Join us for some great summer sailing in Ventura, California on the weekend of June 21-22. Spend Saturday with an on-the-water coach for some skill-building and camaraderie, and enjoy Sunday with three to five short, fun races. This event coincides with Summer Sailstice , so you can do both at the same time!

Can't dedicate the whole weekend? Choose a day! The Saturday activities will be geared toward folks who want more time on the water and would like some coaching to increase their skill handling a Weta. Sunday will be fun racing and a good opportunity for racing noobs to practice starts and mark rounding with a fleet of us. Ventura consistently serves up great sailing conditions in the summer, with winds in the low to high teens, so there will be fun for everyone. Check out the schedule for more details. You don't want to miss this!

Did I mention, all this is FREE! Big shout out to Wetamarine, Pierpont Performance Sailing, and Wetawest for helping us put this together.

Don't have a boat? Don't want to bring your boat? Flying in from out of town? Pierpont Performance Sailing has two Wetas available to charter for this event.

Here's some more info from the web site at


Saturday Arrive in the morning for event check-in at Pierpont Bay Yacht Club

10am Orientation for out-of-towners & discussion of the days schedule:

- launch & rig (beach or ramp)

- Free-sail flotilla style to Ventura Pier and back (1.5 miles)

- Beach land for bag lunch and tech talk

- Capsize demo and practice

- Sail to Pierpont Performance Sailing's dock for overnight moorage

- Happy Hour at Pierpont Bay Yacht Club (next door to PPS)

Sunday Re-convene at PBYC 10:00am

- 1 hour racing discussion, from beginner through...

- hit the water for 3 to 5 short course races

- breakdown boats and optional weekend be-brief at PBYC

Pieront Performance Sailing and Pierpont Bay Yacht Club1101 Spinnaker Dr.
93001 Ventura, CAUnited States
34° 14' 26.214" N, 119° 15' 39.4884" W

- See more at: http://www.summersailstice.com/event/weta-weekend-ventura-weta-coach-race-weekend-free#sthash.x6IfZEBO.hLAMA4Pl.dpuf


Pete Pollard

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DAYTONA! Just got off the phone with OA for the "Gaulden Reed Summer Sizzler" and they have accepted my Weta. I'm just as pleased as punch because Daytona is one of the few places with easy access to the Atlantic. The surf can be a little tricky but that's another story.