What a Long Strange Trip

The first show I remember going to as a kid was one of the last shows at Giants Stadium. My uncle who was running lights got my family backstage passes for my birthday. Going through general admission towards backstage some old (to me at the time) pointed down at my sister and I and said "whoaaa, rugrats!" During one of Jerry's solos I asked my mom if that was Moses up on stage. One of those vividly foggy memories that was probably more formative than I know.
Moses indeed,.... there's a priceless memory!
I know the Dead are an acquired taste that doesn't appeal to most, but where they stand alone is the connection, at shows, between them and the audience that really is hard to explain.
Back story with a back stage:
Worked for a Marin Co. construction co and was bangin the receptionist. She sent me out on an estimate late in the day up in Fairfax and I bitched about it not wanting to get caught in traffic going home. She said "trust me, you want to go out on this call right now as fast as you can".
I asked what's the big deal and she hung up.
Arrived at a killer palace A frame home up in the hills and as I walked by the solid glass wall of the A frame, I looked inside and saw the PA with Grateful Dead stencils. Knocked on the door and went to work for Bear.
Got backstage for the last show at Winterland, my brother who became a preacher draggin me to Calvary Chapel back when Chuck was preachin in that small church in Costa Mesa layin hands on me to get me spoutin gibberish gettin me closer to God never gave me the kind of profound experience of hangin out with the best musicians in the world, gettin dosed with everybody there realizing that was gonna be the last show ever at that fabled venue while we were watching the end of an era that I held near and dear.
The Dead only took 2 breaks and played from 12:00 to 6 in the morning playing every song in the catalog even Dark Star and then Bill Graham served everybody breakfast.
Winterland was in a shitty neighborhood and as we were goin back to my truck and me sayin how lucky we were, I noticed some asshole stole my battery.
Small price to pay....



Blues Rule

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low bum

Yeah it's shocking to see the tape collections being given away left and right on facebook and reddit. Decades of loving, careful work - J cards covered with calligraphy - all thrown to the wind. And for what? So we can have all the music, for free, at our fingertips. A fair trade? I think not!


Super Anarchist
The Dead did a free unannounced concert one year maybe 1969 or 1970 at my college. Watched from my dorm window.

Go Left

Super Anarchist
Only Dead story I have is roadtripping from Seattle to SF in the early seventies to visit with some friends. Got into SF late, crashed on their couch and looked out their curved bay window in the morning at the street sign on the corner of Haight and Ashbury.

That night we walked over to a party they knew about on the Panhandle and ended up at an old, painted Victorian. Painted in properly eccentric colors. Walking up the porch steps a guy sitting there smiles and says "Welcome, I'm Pigpen." We go in and there's about 100 people partying throughout the house. So we hung out, ultimately crashed in the living room. In the morning, woke up and noticed the room was lined with comic books, every thing from Donald Duck to Angelfood McSpade, about 1 1/2' high, maybe 30-40' lineal feet. So I spent the morning reading comic books. Nobody bothered me and I wandered back to Haight/Ashbury around noon.

Nobody plucked any strings and I recognized only a couple of faces but Jerry was not on the scene that I ever noticed.


my first dead show
was a free park set on a flatbed truck/stage
powered by a noisy generator
in north miami spring 1968
pigpen lead singer
they play most of the sunday afternoon
then play their gig 3rd nite at a local club called the image


Super Anarchist
I was at Jerry’s final show at soldier Field in Chicago. I was crushed when he died. I remember where I was at what intersection in my town in the afternoon when I heard a dead song come on the radio and I knew. And the next thing they said they when the song ended was Jerry Garcia has passed away.

low bum

I remember where I was when I heard - it's funny how you just instantly KNEW. A disturbance in the Force.

They say that when Mickey heard, he started crying and said thank God it didn't happen on stage.

low bum

"Masterpiece" is such a superb song - one of the few that I can see Hunter writing. Some typically obscure Dylan lyrics that make you scratch your head, but RH could have combed out the tangles.

I always thought they should have covered Dixie Chicken - it would have made a fantastic second set mood lifter before the encore.

Ed Lada

Super Anarchist
All I can say is you Dead Heads are an odd bunch.

I can't figure out if @low bum is serious or pulling our legs. A "...disturbance in the Force..."? Becuse Garcia said something? Seriously????

Shut up Al, I don' twant to hear it. I think I've shown admirable restraint. :p