What are you listening to right now…part six

Israel Hands

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coastal NC
I spent 5.5 hours in my boat today prepping teak for refinishing...listened to just about the widest assortment of music you can imagine. Everything from Van Morrison singing St. Dominic's Preview to Jeffery Osbourne's You Should Be Mine to Bruce's Rosalita to even Conway Twitty's Happy Birthday Darlin.' (I used to play that for the kids on their birthday because he sings that he didn't get any presents and he's gonna take a whole lotta things away - made them laugh hysterically.) And a ton of other acts. I put it on the station that iTunes generates for you based on what you've played.

Virgulino Ferreira

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Thanks for that. I have always liked Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto version

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the video - I ended up revisiting one of my absolute favorite songs, Waters of March.

Probably my favorite rendition, with our tragic diva Elis Regina. Pure magic with Tom Jobim in that L.A. studio in 1974:

The English lyrics are beautiful, but still fall short in comparison.

And a modern mix, still beautiful.

"In 2001, Waters of March was named as the all-time best Brazilian song in a poll of more than 200 Brazilian journalists, musicians and other artists conducted by Brazil's leading daily newspaper. It was also voted by the Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone as the second greatest Brazilian song."

Thanks Captain! :)