What are you listening to right now…part six

Steam Flyer

Sophisticated Yet Humble
Eastern NC

I know a lot of what i post probably isnt to taste here, but, i have to answer the question honestly when i scroll past it.
Its the only right thing to do.

I liked it. Kinda swooshy with overdone sound effects, but nice rhythm and vocals.

I made a long drive over the last few days and took the opportunity to check in with Jethro Tull and see if I still liked them. Worked my way backwards thru almost all their albums; and while I'm not as fond of their long multi-part extravaganzas, there's still some real cranking going on in most of them. And I appreciated a lot fo the songs I never listened to as much, such as this one.

Tricky rhythm, lot of moving parts in this song. I like it more than I did way back when.