What are you listening to right now…part six


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Suwanee River
The extended jam version of 8 Miles High, three years later at the Fillmore East. Skip Battin on base and Gram Parsons on the drums killing it. Would have liked to see Roger McGuinn's 12-string Rick dominate this jam version as in the original hit.

Gene Parsons. Gram was one of the many rhythm guitar players, and one of the greatest song writers ever. (IMHOP)


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Gene Parsons. Gram was one of the many rhythm guitar players, and one of the greatest song writers ever. (IMHOP)
Good eye! Yes Gene Parsons, quite correct - my bad - Gram Parsons was no longer with the Byrds by then. Gene Parsons was brought into the Byrds by White (who had recently become the band's guitarist), to replace drummer Kevin Kelly. Gene Parsons remained with the band for four years, principally as a drummer.

Gram Parsons left the Byrds after one year with them in 1968. By 1969 Gram Parsons was with the Flying Burrito Brothers. By 1970 moved in with producer Terry Melcher, trying to produce some single work. Unfortuntaely the two shared a mutual penchant for cocaine and heroin, and as a result, the sessions were largely unproductive, with Parsons eventually losing interest in the project. Terry loved Gram and wanted to produce him ... But neither of them could get anything done. Long lost, the tapes from this session have gathered a legendary rumor status. The recording stalled, and the master tapes were checked out, but there is conflict as to whether, Gram ... or Melcher took them. He then accompanied the Rolling Stones on their 1971 UK Tour. Parsons and Richards had mulled the possibility of recording a duo album. Moving in with the guitarist during the sessions for "Exile on Main Street", that commenced thereafter, Parsons remained in a consistently incapacitated state. After leaving the Stones' camp, Parsons married Gretchen Burrell in 1971 at his stepfather's New Orleans estate. Allegedly, the relationship was far from stable, with Burrell cutting a needy and jealous figure while Parsons quashed her burgeoning film career. Many of the singer's closest associates and friends claim that Parsons was preparing to commence divorce proceedings at the time of his death; the couple had already separated by this point. Gram Parsons's relatively short career was "enormously influential" for country and rock, "blending the two genres to the point that they became indistinguishable from each other.

If you were listening to the Byrds at a fairly early age - that's a rare fan. I did the same, following groups before I was ten and going to concerts in my early teen years till I was 18, but by then patchouli oil and the smell of pot, permeated most the concerts, inside and outside here in the PNW - which turned me off to the concert scene. Not till after I got out of the service could I tolerate the smell of pot, and gradually I became accustomed to it. Still would rather pass on the smell of patchouli oil.

Gram Parsons pictured in 1972 a year before his untimely death.

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The Canadian Border Services Agency could use this for screening
CBA: so, you say your canadian, name a great canadian musical moment
You: well Blackie and the Rodeo Kings covering Murray Mclaughlin is pretty fucking great
CBA: welcome home.