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Charlie Hunter bay area jazz wunderkid.

Charlie Hunter (born May 23, 1967) is an American guitarist, composer, and bandleader. First coming to prominence in the early 1990s, Hunter plays custom-made seven- and eight-string guitars on which he simultaneously plays bass lines, chords, and melodies. Critic Sean Westergaard described Hunter's technique as "mind-boggling...he's an agile improviser with an ear for great tone, and always has excellent players alongside him in order to make great music, not to show off.

I like the way he goofs on the Santa Cruz kids about spirolina, wheat grass juice and bee pollen!


Get off my lawn.
Chesapeake Bay/Vail

Mick Fleetwood is solid and Lindsey Buckingham rocks .

Mick opened up a restaurant in Alexandria VA across the river from DC many years ago. late 80s early 90s
he used to pop in from time to time and jam on a little stage in one end of the dining room with local musicians.
never advertised it and it was really quite random when he'd be there.. was a real treat to go in for dinner and get to watch him play.
The place only lasted about 10 years or so. Was sad when it closed.. a PR firm moved into the space. had a nice river view from the dining room and the deck was a few feet below the dining room so as not to obstruct the view from inside.