What ever happened to the Moore 30


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Who knows what happened to the Moore 30

It was blue, had wide wings, lived in SC, and was owned by a Dr. / Surgeon type guy?

A freaky beast it was ...



Don't know anything about that particular one. Believe there were 5 built. Mull design, Ron Moore build, 2000lbs disp. was pretty damn light for a 30 footer at the time. One was converted into a trimaran, another was heavily modified and raced in the Ultimate 30 circuit for awhile.

Not sure about the others. Pretty cool boat in the 80's. Never took off because many PHRF Regions were afraid of them because they (reportedly) would not self-right. Keel came off of one several years later off Long Beach....boat was recovered but don't know where it went.

Anyone wanna fill in the blanks? Gotta be some anarchist out there that had/sailed on one of these things.




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Yup. That's it.

Was a very cool boat alright. I sailed on the blue one in SC for maybe a handful of Wed Nites.

Was gonna do a Windjammer or Boreas Race on it. ( Can't remember which :huh: ) but then the owner bumped me off to make room for Dave H.

Imagine that.. Dumping my drunken ass just so a very talented sailmaker could come along.

Stupid fucking owners :p

I'd love to find one of these in a barn somewhere.

Killer Beer can boat.

Like sailing a giant Frisbee



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Wasn't that the one that was involved with the racks busting off and the whole crew except the computer geek onboard falling off resulting in the death of Klein?

I forget his first name.



There is a Moore 30 with racks here in the Houston area. It was white and sat at HYC for years. Mike Little resurected it at one point and attempted the Harvest Moon regatta but the motor bracket failed on the way to Galveston and ripped a hole in the transom. It was bought buy some guys and they tried rebuilding it and painted it blue and it sat in San Leon for years and may still be there. I have not seen it, nor looked for it in 6 months or so. It was out of the water on a trailer so may have survived IKE.


nate weber

I believe that one of them got donated to Kings Point in about 1995-6. We never raced it there but did take it out a few times. Thing had about a 7 foot draft, both masthead and fractional kites and flat flew off the wind. Sailing it was one of the first times I can remember everyone piling into the back of the boat behind the driver to keep the bow up while sailing downwind. There did not seem to be a top end on speed, it just kept building. On the wings there were some silly little stanchions that you could just barely get your legs under which I thought could be death traps if things broke poorly. Also cool was that the wings folded to make it road width for trailering. Don't know who the academy sold it to, but it wasn't around there for very long.

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Wasn't there something like this in the Mac Race last year?

I thought I saw something on the wall before the race.

Might have been called Wing Nut? Sorry, poor memory.



Ok so a Kiwi 35 is for sale out on sailingtexas.com

Seller says boat has to be gone by 1/15/09 or it goes to charity-

Seller leaves no way of contacting him - unless I'm missing something


edit - I think the fact the post is 2 years old might have something to do with it

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i think there's one on the hard at Davis Island YC in tampa...i could be wrong but how many boats look like that boat?
Kiwi 35.

There was a kiwi 35 years back. I believe that one went to lake lanier. The moore 30 was recently sold. I think it went to NC. It was blue. It had a 200lb center board. No keel. A little weight sensative.
The blue boat at DI wasn't a Moore 30 but another super lightweight 30' winged boat. Can't think of the designer's name off the top of my head, but that was what it was named after, So-and-So 9 meter. I think it only weghed 1500 lbs or so. It was a custom one-off.

And yes, the Kiwi 35 is the one that went to Cali quite a few years ago and then ended-up on Lake Lanier.


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