What gets rid of unwanted phone calls?

Blue Crab

Outer Banks
Phone rings. Answer it? I'm on call to save the world but I've been fooled before. You and I know what's coming but I've already bought the extended warranty, supplemental health coverage, pills to make my dick hard for several hours, blood thinners, and whatever it was Joe Namath hawks cuz Broadway Joe wouldn't fuck a fan, amirite?

I started like everyone, innocently answering when on call. It occurred to me that the act of answering indicates a valid phone number saleable to spammers, so I began not answering and did that weird thing with my finger swiping the screen downward, and damn! it disappears the call. Then I began to wonder if the immediate turndown by me is itself a signal that mine is a valid number.

Now, a ringing phone causes much angst. What to do?

I also wonder how many of you prefer Rocna over other new-fangled anchors in spite of their poor showing in Steve's tests?


Super Anarchist
Suwanee River
Get a dumb phone.
My wife has a smart phone, and gets a gazillion spam calls a day. I have a flip phone, and get about 3 a month.