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R/P answer to the kerr 11.5i was just thinking though. looking at the retractable bow sprit. (and i know im going to get taken to peices here.) wouldnt it be cool if j-boats went away from the cruiser racers for just one of their designs, and come out with something like this. a great litle IRC 40fter to challenge the king 40s and so forth.

what do you think
You can challenge a Summit 40 with a J122. In any case the J125 was the turbo 40ft J-boat, admitedly not IRC friendly

Dane - agreed very nice and rather expensive. A boat to covet and not to own.


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Just another expensive single purpose racing boat that will drive 10 less radical boats out of racing.
Doubt it, myself. My guess is that it'll be as (un) successful as the Farr 36 OD and 11s. Nowhere in the brochure is there anything about establishing a racing circuit. Without some nice racing set up all ready for the first owners, why buy in?

Compare and contrast with how the RC 44 has gone about things. It's not about the boat, it's about the racing.

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It's either a boat that can't tack or jibe if it has a standing backstay, or a boat that will lose masts regularly if it just has two runners. Not to mention ugly.....



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The sailplan looks .. aggressive. I assume it's just a sketch, and the one design sailplan is TBD.


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