what is it?


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Humm very sig looking above the deck but not reynolds looking at the hull to deck join and not a stiletto there's no tumblehome. Neat looking though. How about some more picks Ed!



modified Reynolds 21, starboard hull that some anarchist got

last year and is modifying more bow floatation etc



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Ocean-going rowboat
I like the direction this is going...


Indeed. I googled Reynolds 33 and this was the second image that turned up



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Hello all!

I'm involved in this project, so I'll keep it short and will not reveal what this is yet.

But here are a couple more shots for your comments.

Most important one is the one with our designer sanding on the deck.

That's his punishment for creating nice but difficult details!

A few more clues and some answers to previous comments :

Yes, it's the starboard hull of a cat.

She is French.

Yes, this one has mini-keels. Well, the first owner will usually sail singlehanded so he opted for mini-keels instead of daggerboards but we prefer daggers, too.

As soon as the proto hits the water, we will start working on the series production.

Fast & fun is the target.

Keep on guessing guys :)

Or any other question I can answer without saying what it is?



Hi there Anarchists !

I'm the guy "sanding on the deck".. Looks like nobody will give the answer about this design :rolleyes: so here it is !

This is the Pandora 8.50, multi purpose 28' sailing cat, what to say.. ? Sexy, fast, trailerable, versatile, different options packages will allow you to make the best of your sailing conditions and program. She's not the next Anarchy boat yet, but Ed.. that's up to you :lol: !

We spent a lot of time on the design of the deck, and created a very spacious cockpit which is flush from port to starboard, protected with a partial solid bridgedeck and very comfortable thanks to the proper cockpit benches and the inboard chamfer adding some beam to the deck.The high aspect beams enclose the space and give a good safety feeling. And you can cover this area between the 2 main beams with a sunshade or a tent.

All controls are reachable when steering, as sailing single handed was one of our criteria, and many smart details will help to make the best of your days on water. The cat is light, carries very nice high aspect ratio sails and the hull shape and rig balance will assure very good performances (ok I'll keep you posted when she hits the water ! ).

Inside there is space to sleep with 4 single (but I think I'd rather sleep on the trampolines :) ), and some options like folding chart table, chemical toilets, small lockers, etc.

The whole thing will be trailerable and also fit in a container, no problem to pack and store you boat in winter ! And of course you can drive quickly to reach new sailing spots.

Pictures published on this thread are showing the prototype. Few days ago we pre-assemblied the hulls with the removable bridge deck. The cockpit space between the mast and aft beam is even better than on the drawings, she's looking good (ok I'm a little bit involved so maybe I'm not objective ^_^ ) ! This first boat will feature a rotating carbon wing mast, carbon beams, nice set of membrane sails, and some smart details to make the difference.

Website with all the informations is coming.. For now you can follow the project on my Facebook page, and you'll find more pictures and renderings there. She'll hit the water in one month or so in south Brittany, we'll have sailing shots to show you then !

Capture d’écran 2013-02-26 à 16.14.47.png


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