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I just dont care for Koopman's designs, but de Dijkstra's, damn they are proportionally very good looking.
i agree somewhat - i have probably never seen a Dijkstra design i didn't like,, but some of the Koopman designs don't quite hit the spot for me.

I was in the Netherlands last summer and saw one or two of the K&M boats - they are beautiful to look at, and I'd sure love the chance to go for a ride

maybe when i get there this summer i can talk my way on to one for a day.

there was a guy posting - mostly over in CA - that had a K&M in build. some may remember that he posted some great pics of really beautiful multi-colored splices he had done in making the running rigging for his boat


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Eric Henseval has a Territory 11.8 being built by Chantier Meta in Stongall Aluminium but it uses limited number of frames as the strength of alloy plate. It also comes with either raised deckhouse or low cabin top and has a new big brother Territory 14m design just released with various rig plans. Real Expedition Designs.


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This yard looks like one I visited in the Netherlands. Great people, small beers, and great craftsmanship. I only was there for a weekend. I'm sure I missed everything. damn.



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KM Yachtbuilders turned the Koopmans-designed 37 footer on February 13th.

KM builds designs by Dijkstra (mostly Bestevaer), Van de Stadt (Stadtship) Guido de Groot (Axonite) and also Dick Koopmans - whenever the client chooses to have Alu instead of GRP or plywood, for which building materials Koopmas also designs. Among a number of yards building alu sailing yachts in the Netherlands, KM is regarded one of the leading. The inside framework is designed as a 'smart kit' so all of the parts fit together with slots and pins exactly, the frame can be built without welding and will be stable. Of course, once everything is fitted, it is welded together. This building process avoids misplacing of parts.

Koopmans' yachts have clean foredecks, the cabin top ends aft of the mast. Mostly, halyards do not go back to the cockpit but are handled at the mast. The cabin top frame is there because the plating is rounded in multiple directions.

At the Makkum KM yard in the north of the Netherlands, they only build aluminium yachts. The GRP Bestewind is produced in Turkey and finished in Makkum. https://www.facebook.com/KMYachtbuilders/posts/854515034591575


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