What is this beauty?

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Has some similarities in her lines to Heroina, German Frers' boat. He designed many boats for S&S.


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Oh yes. There was this one:

Former 'Rubin', later named Sharki. Sank off Cuxhaven some years ago and was salvaged.
I wouldn't be surprised if the boat above is not also one of the sixteen Rubins HO Schümann had.
That one doesn't count since that rather ugly cabin was a much later retrofit.

All Rubins were offwhite in hull colour with red accents.

Below is Rubin (IV?) back in 1973. Sharki is claimed to be Rubin IV.

There were a lot of Rubins so hard to keep track. More Rubins than Pendragons, but less than all the Yeomans.

Rubin IV.png


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it looks a lot like Phil Hutchinson's ( T Hutch's pop ) old Veritas.. was a PJ 47? or therebouts.. raced against her a few times in Marion to Bermuda

edit: write-up in the Washington Post post 1995 race calls it a Custom 46, but I seem to recall him calling it a PJ when I was talking to him in Bermuda. the color scheme and deck look very familiar..
Thanks! Do you have a picture of that boat? I'm pretty sure this one is longer than 47ft though...

The boat looked immaculate and was modernized, the rig looked pretty up to date with swept back spreaders.

Maybe someone bought the wreck of Sharki/Rubin IV and turned ot into this? The hulls have some similarity (see the model under 1975)

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Except Running Tide was flush decked.

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Still is. We were docked right next to her at RBYC in Bermuda in June. She’s basically an offshore 12mR when it comes to many things. They did have a tiny companionway dodger, which sort of counts as a deckhouse.

Friends of mine circumnavigated in the 1980s with Winds Way, another S&S IOR flush-deck design, complete with coffee grinders and no dodger. Crew was a couple and their two very small children, and they sailed eastabout.

Bottom line is S&S has done many flush-deck ocean racing boats, and nearly flush-deck racing and cruising boats, going back to the 1930s. The boat that is flush deck with a small deckhouse is my favorite offshore configuration, and was the deck arrangement of my last boat.