what is this rig esp the top of the jib?


is the rig/boat real

why if real does it do that upside down main and jib top bit ?

Ease the sheet.

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A variation on the staysail schooner with wishbones and lanteen sails.

Something so ridiculous, I feel sick


thank you guys

was looking at tv's trying to find as small 4k as cheap as possible
local 43''4k is it can't find 32''4k or even cheap 1080 in 32'' or less

anyway the boat pic is an ad for the rca tv I just saw
can't see it really ''working'' lanteen


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It's a bullshit concept, and clearly the designer has no idea how sails actually work. Sadly, I can see some moronic billionaire commissioning a build of the hull design, but it will have a vastly different rig.

BTW, I love how the stays are positioned forward of the mast and how the staysails actually pass through them.

Also, why do the lateens need two sheets on the starboard side, and how the hell is the gollywobbler sheeted? Based on the drawing, this thing can only sail on port tack!

Our friend the Slug must have been a consultant on the design.

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"According to Igor, Phoenicia is a purely "research" concept, focused on design as such. The snow-white hyperyacht, which is more than 100 meters long, resembles the ancient Greek battle trireme, suddenly overgrown with ultramodern sailing weapons. The giant length of the hull gives so much deck area that the designer was able to place even a landing pad for a helicopter in the stern - a unique fact for a sailing yacht."

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